Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities 2023

Post Matric Scholarships Scheme

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A scholarship is given as financial aid to any student so that they can continue with their further education. There are many types of Scholarship schemes including Post Matric scholarship. So let’s have a look at the details of this Scholarship given below.

What is a Post Matric scholarship?

The Prime Minister of India initiated the Post Matric Scholarship as the 15 Point Programme for the welfare of the minority class.

This Post Matric Scholarship Scheme was launched with a focus on the students who were meritorious but belonged to the minor community. The main focus behind the scheme was to help the weaker sections of the society economically so that they could receive better opportunities.

To be precise, these opportunities include receiving higher education and improving employability in the country. Furthermore, the scope of this scholarship is to award the Scholarship for studies in India in government as well as private higher secondary school, college, and universities.

This includes residential institutes of the government and eligible private institutions which have been chosen by the State Government or Union Territory administration.


Scholarship NamePost Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities 2023
MinistryMinistry of Minority Affairs
Launched byCentral Government of India
Cast included in minoritiesMuslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain and Zoroastrians (Parsis), etc.
Objective of schemesTo promote students from minor classes
ClassesFrom 11th to 12th

Who is eligible for this scholarship?

In order to gain this scholarship, there is an eligibility criterion that students must follow.

Anyone willing to receive this Post Matric Scholarship must not have scored less than 50% Marks in their previous result.

Besides that, the annual income of the parents should not be more than Rs. 2 lakhs per annum.

What is the selection process that students must follow to get this Scholarship?

There are two selection processes that students must follow to get this Scholarship. One is for the freshers and the other is for the renewal. So let’s check out the further details about it.

Fresher selection process

The number of scholarships to be given out to the fresh candidates is fixed in numbers.

This is why it is mandatory to lay down the preferences to get selected. The priority is given more to poverty and not to the marks.

On the other hand, if there is the same income, then merit would be generated from the Date of birth criteria of the candidate where seniors are also welcomed.

Renewal selection process

In the renewal selection process there is no merit list generation. The candidates applying for the renewal scholarship would only receive it if they have scored around 50% in their previous year’s examination.

This should involve the same institute and the same course. Moreover, the application should be approved by the State Government and the Union Territories.

Excluded Students

  • The scholarship may be revoked or suspended if a student disobeys any rules set forth by the school or the scholarship’s other terms and conditions.
  • The student receiving any other scholarship from among those offered by the Central Government to members of the SC, ST, OBC, and minorities
  • If it is discovered that a student obtained a scholarship by making false statements, that student’s scholarship will be immediately revoked, and the State or UT Government in question will be responsible for recovering the money that was paid in scholarship funds.
  • A student who receives benefits under this program is not permitted to use those benefits under any other program for this purpose.
  • More than two students from the same family are not eligible for the scholarship.

Rate of the Post Matric Scholarship

The rate of the Post Matric Scholarship would include the admission fee, course fee, and maintenance fee too. In order to know more, have a look at the table curated below.


Rate of Scholarship 

Rate of Scholarship admission + tuition fees

The admission and tuition fees from classes 11 and 12 would be given a sum of 7000 every year to both the hostellers and the day scholars. 

Students pursuing technical and vocational courses in the 11 and 12 levels would receive a sum of 10,000 every year. This is for both the hostellers and the day scholars.
The admission and the tuition fees for the undergraduates and postgraduate candidates would be Rs 3000 every year for both hostellers and day scholars.

Students in classes 11 and 12 pursuing technical and vocational courses would receive Rs 380 per month for the hostellers. During the day scholars would receive Rs 280 every month. 

Maintenance and allowance 

Courses including the technical and prof. At undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the hostellers would receive an amount of Rs.570 per month. During the day scholars would receive Rs. 300 per month. 

Hostellers pursuing M Phil and Ph.D. courses would receive Rs 1200 every month. Whereas the day scholars would be receiving Rs 550 every month.

How to apply for the Post Matric scholarship?

This scholarship scheme is implemented through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP). It is important to follow the steps listed below if you want to apply for the scholarship.

  • Visit the official website – The first thing one has to do is visit the official website to apply for the scholarship. It is mandatory to apply online first.
  • Choose the type of Scholarship- Then choose post matric scholarship from the drop-down menu and select its form to proceed further.
  • Fill in the details- Once the form appears, make sure to fill in the required details carefully.
  • Cross-check the details for errors- Make sure that you do not enter any incorrect details or else it would lead to the cancellation of the Scholarship.
  • Attach documents if required – Remember to attach the documents that have been asked while fulfilling the form details.
  • Submit and download – Once you have finished filling out the form, make sure to cross-check it and then submit it. Also do not forget to print it out for further usage.

Instructions regarding the bank account details that one must know of.

Here are the instructions related to the bank account details that a candidate must fulfill while applying for the post-matric Scholarship program.

  • Choose bank carefully – Candidates must choose their bank/branch name carefully from the list.
  • Enter details – Thereafter they must enter the account number and other details correctly. It is also recommended to enter the Bank Branch details and IFSC Code.
  • Notice – It is important to know that If the bank details submitted by candidates are found then the scholarship will be canceled.

Furthermore, the amount will not be transferred even if the application has been approved for a scholarship.

  • KYC – Candidates should have completed their ‘Know your Customer (KYC)’ process.
  • Candidates should be the account holder themselves- The bank Account must be in the name of the student/ applicant only.

Document Required

  • Photo of the student.
  • Form for Verifying an Institution. 
  • The parent or guardian of the student must provide an income certificate that has been issued by a competent authority within the State or UT Governments.   
  • Declaratory Statement of Minority Community 
  • Mark sheet from the most recent qualifying exam, self-attested.
  • Payment Receipt for the “Current Course Year.”
  • Bank information (Account number, IFSC code) for the applicant or the parent or legal guardian. (if the student does not have his/her own bank account).
  • Document proving residence or domicile.
  • “Your Aadhaar number (or other acceptable forms of identification)”
  • “Bonafide Student Certificate” from the institution, if it is situated in a State or UT other than the one in which the student is domiciled.
  • Student’s Declaration

Final words

The main goal behind sponsoring this scholarship is to spread education and help students reach their goals.

If anyone who does not know about this Scholarship should be introduced to this information so that they can pursue their further studies without any problem.

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