MBA Dual Specialization: Overview, Eligibility Criteria, Admission, Top Colleges, Entrance Exams & Fee

MBA Dual Specialization

MBA is considered one of the most recognized and popular postgraduate programmes in India. It is an excellent choice, especially for those who want to upgrade their professions to the next level.

There are many MBA Dual Specialization colleges in India that offer courses for the students and allow them to learn about their favourite subjects. But there are times when a student might want to study two specialities at the same time.

In this case, to resolve the issue a dual specialization in MBA can be pursued. If you are aware of this course and are looking forward to pursuing it, then you are probably at the right place. Everything that you need to know about the course is present in this article. So keep reading until the end to discover it all.

Overview of Dual Specialization in MBA

MBA dual specialization courses is basically a professional degree that is designed for those who are interested in pursuing a career in both business and management. One can complete this course through distance learning, online learning or by choosing the traditional way of learning that involves a classroom setting.

This course offered by the top MBA colleges in India is known to be a useful credential as it is highly valued in the job market. The course training lasts up to two years and is broken down into four semesters.

Advanced themes or areas of business speciality, including finance, accounting, or marketing, would be the emphasis of the MBA Dual Specialization course. It assists students in establishing a successful career in a variety of business areas.

Throughout the course offered by the best MBA Dual specialization colleges in India, students will gain a variety of practical skills as well as work experience. The course will also assist students in learning certain important skills that may be applied in the corporate world to help them reach their full potential.

What are the Benefits of Pursuing an MBA Dual Specialization Course?

MBA dual specialization courses are trending and growing in popularity with each passing time. This is simply because of the benefits it has to offer to the candidates. Those who are still not aware of the advantages are suggested to keep reading the next part.

  • Switch Between Specialities

The first and most obvious advantage of the MBA dual specialization course is that it allows you to use your two specialities strategically.

This simply means if any one of your specialization sectors seems to decline, then the other one would not. It gives you the chance to pick the trending one.

  • Gain Knowledge of the Two Specialisations

The dual specialization course will provide one with knowledge of two specializations. This means you will always have fewer chances to fail in the future and reach success quicker than others.

  • Great Career Opportunities

Students who would be pursuing this course from the best MBA Dual specialization colleges in India will have greater career opportunities.

From becoming an entrepreneur to creating a new business, everything can be done with the knowledge and abilities gained from this course.

Apart from that, there would be no room for perplexity as you would have the option to switch careers easily.

  • Recruiter’s Choice

Recruiters tend to hire individuals with dual specialization in MBA as they believe the candidates to be multi-skilled.

They believe that individuals with this set of degrees are flexible in dealing with changes and have qualities like complex thinking skills, quick problem-solving skills, quick decision-making skills, handling multiple responsibilities and so on.

  • Networking

A MBA dual specialization course prepares candidates to hone their network-building abilities.

Besides getting the opportunity to study the real business world, and work environment, and connect with possible networks – there are also chances of meeting people from diverse fields and backgrounds throughout the academic year and professional life.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Pursue MBA Dual Specialization Course?

In order to get admission to the top MBA colleges in India to pursue MBA Dual specialization, one must fulfill the requirement of the eligibility criteria listed below.

  • Candidates should be a graduate and have a minimum grade point average of 50 per cent. 
  • One must be proficient in English Communication.
  • Any legitimate result from a National Level Qualifying Admission Entrance Test (MAH – CET / CAT / XAT / MAT / ATMA) is acceptable.
  • Academic, athletic, and extracurricular activity performance records, as well as employment experience are considered.

What is the Syllabus and Specialization of Dual Specialization of MBA courses in India?

The syllabus and specialization of this course offered by the leading MBA dual specialization colleges in India include

Marketing and FinanceMarketing and Operations ManagementMarketing and Human Resource Management
Accounting and FinanceAccounting and TaxationAnalytics and Finance
Analytics and MarketingOperations and Human Resource ManagementAnalytics and Accounting
Cybersecurity and LogisticsHuman Resource Management and Organizational Leadership

MBA Dual Specialization Syllabus Semester Wise

Semester 1Semester 2
Principles of Marketing ManagementMarketing Management
Principles of AccountingBusiness Law
Corporate Social ResponsibilityOperations Management
MicroeconomicsCorporate Finance
Quantitative Methods and StatisticsOptimization and Project Research
Tools and Framework of Decision MakingMacroeconomics
Business Communication and Soft SkillsProject Management
Organisational Behaviour 1Organisational Behaviour 2
Semester 3Semester 4 (Final Semester)
Financial ModellingProject Study
Supply Chain ManagementInternational Business Environment
Marketing ResearchStrategic Management
Strategic ManagementElective Course
Business Intelligence
Managerial Economics
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Corporate Finance 2

What are Some of the Dual Specialization Program Combinations? Which is the Most Trending Combination?

There are many types of Dual Specialization in MBA in India offered today that meet the demands of the different industries. Thus, some of the dual specializations in MBA program combinations that you can choose from are listed below.

Finance and MarketingAccounting and TaxationBusiness Analytics and Finance
HRM and Organizational LeadershipCybersecurity and LogisticsMarketing and Operations Management
HR and Operation ManagementAnalytics and MarketingFinance and Business analytics
Marketing and HRMOperations and HRMAnalytics and Accounting
Business Analytics and Operation ManagementMarketing and Business AnalyticsCybersecurity and Logistics
Marketing and Finance

Trending Combination in Dual Specialization in MBA that You Must Know About!

  • MBA in Finance and Business Analytics

As there is the rapid growth of startups and technology improvements in recent years, this course helps you to gain the power, knowledge, and skills which may be necessary to expand a company.

This MBA dual specialization course combination includes finance which teaches students the way of controlling, managing and reviewing capital.
While the other part of the combination which is Business analytics helps the students in learning the fundamentals of the business including accounting, strategy, finance, and marketing.

Not to mention, the mix of these two has the potential to bring a potential change in the professional world. Undoubtedly, it is distinct and provides a variety of chances that makes it one of a kind.

  • MBA in HR and Operations Management

Human Resources is needed to manage the company’s staff and guide the individuals who work for the enterprise. Their duty also revolves around introducing and training new members of the organization.

Every industry requires them since they keep the balance, culture and ethos of the people maintained who may not be similar to operate in the same location.
While on the other hand, operations management in MBA dual specialization courses is needed to keep the results optimized in the customer evaluation or services by planning, coordinating and supervising.

It would not be wrong to say that this dual specialization in MBA degree might be fruitful for anyone who is looking forward to starting their own business.

  • MBA in Business Analytics and Operations Management

One of the most popular MBA programmes combination for students in Business Analytics with Operations Management. One of the first combinations which are Business Analytics teaches candidates ways of managing their finances, accounting and strategies.

While on the other hand, operations management teaches one the way of determining tasks through efficiency and production.

This MBA dual specialization course’s analytical and creative framework locates students alongside top professionals who use completely problem-solving strategies. Furthermore, this has what made this combination highly regarded in the corporate world.

  • MBA in Marketing and Business Analytics

Marketing cannot be excluded in this competitive world that makes it one of the most demanding management courses today. This dual specialization in MBA has the most rapid developments and digital revolutions that have resulted in a great increase and scope for individuals.

It is through promotions, media, entertainment, sales, and others that marketing assists an enterprise in increasing sales and boosting a brand’s popularity.

While on the other hand, Business analytics helps a student in understanding all the aspects of the business fundamentals. These include strategy, finance, marketing, accounting, etc. Being the two most important aspects of an enterprise’s success – this combination of MBA dual specialization courses has become popular.

Which Colleges in India Offer MBA in Dual Specialization?

There are many MBA dual specialization colleges in India where you can enroll as per your choice. All you have to do is meet the eligibility criteria of the colleges.

Here is the list of a few other colleges in India that offer dual specialization in MBA courses to the applicants

NMIMS School of Business Management, MumbaiInstitute of Management, NIRMA University, Ahmedabad
CHITKARA Business School, Rajpura-PatialaSchool of Management, BML Munjal University, Gurugram
TAXILA Business School, JaipurAsian Business School, Noida
School of Business & Economics, ADAMAS University, KolkataInstitute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development (IMED), Pune
Faculty of Management Studies, Sri Sri University, CuttackNarayana Business School, Ahmedabad
School of Management, Presidency University, BengaluruBharati Vidyapeeth University/Institute of Management & Research (BVIMR), New Delhi
Jindal Global Business School (JGBS), SonipatArmy Institute of Management, Kolkata
Dayananda Sagar University (School of Commerce & Management), BengaluruASM’s Institute of Business Management & Research Centre, Pune
GIBS Business School, BengaluruGreater Noida Institute of Technology (MBA Institute), Greater Noida

What are the Fees for Dual Specialization in MBA?

The total cost of the dual MBA programme offered by the top MBA colleges in India usually varies depending on a variety of factors.

These factors include the infrastructure of the university, learning facility, recognition, awards, extracurricular activities, placement aid, campus amenities and the development modules of the students.

However, to be precise, the yearly price structure of a reputable MBA dual specialization college in India can be expected to be around INR 2.40 lakh or more.

Which Career Path Can Candidates Choose After Pursuing This Course?

Once the course is pursued, Candidates can choose from a wide range of career options including marketing managers, sales managers, marketing analysts, product managers, financial advisors, human resource managers, management consultants, IT managers, Employee relationship managers, retail managers, advertising professionals, and relationship manager.

How to Select the Right Dual Specialization in MBA?

When choosing the right dual specialization in MBA, you need to keep certain factors in mind. However, these step-by-step tips will guide you in making the right choice.

  • Make sure to choose a specialization that interests you and will help you reach your career goals.
  • Remember to examine the long-term scope, placement, and career prospects that the particular degree has to offer.
  • Check out the duration of the programme offered by the MBA dual specialization colleges in India.
  • Make sure to choose the institute of MBA dual specialization courses that has a highly skilled team of faculty members who can serve your interest in the best way.
  • It is important that you consider the reputation and learning competence of the top MBA colleges in India that you are planning to enroll in.
  • Lastly, you are recommended to choose an MBA with a dual concentration that assures a high return on investment.

Not to mention, some of the highest paying dual specializations in MBA include finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, IT, Human resources and operations.

Is it Worth it to Pursue MBA Dual Specialization Course in India?

When it comes to calculating opportunities and determining the height of achievement, MBA dual specialization offered by the best MBA dual specialization colleges in India – wins the race, especially when compared to a Single MBA course.

Candidates get the opportunity to focus on two disciplines at the same time, not just one. One is always kept updated on current and future market demands.

Apart from this, recruiters value candidates with dual specialization in MBA which means you will certainly have the chance to hit the job you have been aiming towards. It would not be wrong to say that dual specialization is a perfect choice for those who are aiming to develop themselves as professionals in today’s era.

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