ISHAN UDAY – Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region

Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region

Scheme Closing Date: 31/10/2022

Defective Application Verification Date: 15/11/2022



Education is the birthright of every individual around the world and is highly important. Therefore, to avail of higher education for everyone, scholarships are offered. To be precise, scholarships can be defined as financial aid that is given to students to excel in their studies.

In simple words, it is support offered to students so that they can obtain higher studies without any problem. However, it is only awarded to deserving students who are from economically disadvantaged homes.

On the other hand, there are many types of scholarships available. One such that has come to light is the Ishan Uday Special Scholarship Scheme for the North Eastern Region. If you have heard of it and are interested, then you are at the right place. Just read until the end to discover more everything about it.

What is the Ishan Uday Scholarship Scheme All About?

Ishan Uday is a unique scholarship programme that is designed by the University Grants Commission ( UGC) to promote higher education for students, especially in the North Eastern Region (NER).

Under this scholarship programme, North Eastern Region students pursuing general degree programmes besides technical and professional degrees would be awarded a total of 10,000 new scholarships each year.

This also includes the medical and paramedical programmes. The main objective behind launching this program was to offer equal opportunities to obtain higher studies for all students and increase the GER ( Gross Enrollment Ratio ) in the North Eastern Region. Apart from that, the scholarship program also focuses on professional education.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Receive the Ishan Uday Scholarship?

To receive the Ishan Uday Scholarship Program, students must fulfill the eligibility criteria demanded. Therefore, the eligibility criteria for this Scholarship program are listed below. 

  • Permanent Resident – The applicant should be a permanent resident of the state in the North Eastern Region.
  • Family Income – The annual income of the candidate should not exceed more than INR 4.5 lakhs a year.
  • Marks Obtained – The student must have scored passing marks or equivalent grades in the previous year’s 12th class examination. 
  • Transgender – Students who belong to the transgender category are also eligible to apply for this course.

Equivalent University – The applicant must have been accepted into a university or a college that has been approved by the University Grants Commission ( UGC)

Who is Considered as the Exclusions in this Scholarship Program?

Besides the eligibility criteria, you must also know about the exclusions that the Ishan Uday Scholarship programme comes with and they are as follows 

  • This scholarship programme is not for those who are enrolled at open universities. 
  • Applicants who already have availed of scholarships for obtaining the undergraduate program under any scheme are not entitled to receive the Ishan Uday Scholarship. 
  • If the students are getting admission through the management quota, then they would not get this Scholarship. 
  • Applicants who are looking forward to obtaining diploma courses that do not lead to any award of degree are not considered eligible. 
  • If the annual income of the parents exceeds more than INR 4.5 lakh.

What is the Total Amount for the Ishan Uday Scholarship?

The total amount for the Ishan Uday Scholarship for the students is set up to INR 5400 per month for the students obtaining general degree courses. While students looking forward to pursuing courses like technical, medical, paramedic, and other professional courses would receive around INR 7800 every month.

How Can One Apply For This Scholarship Program?

Interested candidates can go to the official website of the National scholarship portal Ishan Uday Scheme to apply for the programme. After that, they need to follow the steps given below. 

  • Step 1: Register – One needs to register on the National Scholarship Portal and fill in all the details required 
  • Step 2: Wait for Invitation- Applicants need to wait for the invitation from the National E-Scholarship and check out for a short notification that is usually uploaded on the UGC website.
  • Step 3: Apply for the Course – Now one needs to apply for their preferred courses which will be classified as a General degree or a Professional degree. 

Step 4: Fill Out the Application and Submit it- Make sure to fill out the application completely or else it would be rejected and not considered eligible for the scholarship. Then submit it.

Find Out About the Selection Process of the Ishan Uday Scholarship Plan Now

Every Scholarship has its kind of selection process and so does the Ishan Uday Scholarship. To know about it you are suggested to read below. 

  • Only 10,000 ( Ten Thousand ) scholarships will be awarded to deserving applicants every year. 
  • The number of scholarships awarded also heavily depends on the population density of the states.
  • The remaining scholarships will be distributed to the remaining states if the Ishan Uday North East scholarships in some states go unfilled due to a lack of qualified applicants.
  • Applicants suffering from any kind of disability should know that the reservation of the seats would only be made as per the norms of the Indian Government.

What are the Required Documents for the Ishan Uday Scholarship?

While filling out the application form for the Ishan Uday Scholarship Program students would be required to submit a few documents to consider their eligibility. However, these documents include the following 

  • Domicile certificate
  • Income certificate 
  • Aadhar card and 
  • Marksheet 

Make sure that the documents you are submitting are genuine and hold true information. Submitting incorrect information can cause the cancellation of the certificate and can lead to other unwanted consequences.

What is the Procedure for Disbursing the Ishan Uday Scholarship?

Students must know that the Ishan Uday Scholarship will be paid to the selected student by the University Grants Commission (UGC) via Direct Benefit Transfer mode. The transfer would be made directly to the bank account of the applicants. Students must know that the procedure for disbursement of the Scholarship would be completed through PFMS.


The Government of India has initiated this scholarship ensuring that every student gets the support they deserve to obtain higher education in the cheapest way possible. Besides that, the goal is to uplift the literacy rate in the North Eastern Region as well.

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