Part-Time MBA: Overview, Eligibility Criteria, Admission, Top Colleges, Entrance Exams & Fee

Part Time MBA

Anyone who wants to go forth and pursue new career choices would know that it is time that we get the best resources for the use of the students. Although there are a lot of career options for students to pursue, it is often seen that due to work pressure and the want of settling down early, most students are not able to complete their education. In such a case what can one do?

Well, that is exactly what we are going to talk about today and help you understand how after working also you can make yourself more capable and add to your set of degrees.

There are a lot of options and the most potent one is to go for a part-time MBA. The domain of top part-time colleges in MBA is quite well set and hence students belonging from here would not have a problem with settling and getting access to the best.

This programme is perfect for those who do want to acknowledge their potential and want to add to their credibility but find it difficult to manage a full-time MBA course. The choice and options that MBA brings into your career are worth the time and effort and hence it is imperative to make it possible for those students as well who cannot study the entire time.

When we talk about the best MBA programs in India, the focus is to make sure that students have the best-devised structure so that it can facilitate their study. But more than that, enough focus has been paid to the availability of good colleges as well.

We will not only talk about what the programme is all about but also the options that you can get in this domain. Remember that not all of these colleges are coveted ones and hence might not be your preference.

Part-Time MBA- Overview

Before we start talking about anything else, the first thing that is to be acknowledged is what does one mean by a part-time MBA course and how it is different and yet fruitful for us?

The first thing that we would like to point out is that it stands true to the name and is hence a part-time course where you do not have to go forth with the normal full-time MBA course. The best part-time MBA courses in India have settled the domain such that even students who are currently working do not have the problem and can start with their venture of getting a better degree. The basic idea behind a part-time MBA course is that it can be done in parallel to your job or even other commitments like any other domain of study that you are pursuing.

Many of you would agree with me that MBA is one course that opens up a lot of opportunities for students and then pursuing it part-time also would be highly beneficial. However, before you actually start choosing the course and applying to colleges it is important that you understand what are the career opportunities that it offers and how they can benefit your growth in the professional market.

It is crucial to mention here that a part-time MBA is not much different from the regular course that most students opt-in for. However, there are some basic differences because you are not a full-time student. We can say one thing with conviction that this does not mean that the opportunities for you are any less, the only criteria are that they might be a little different.

Career Opportunities With Part-Time MBA

Now that we have caught a basic understanding of what a part-time MBA course is all about, it is imperative that we talk about the career opportunities that it offers to us. As a student when you will be pursuing a part-time MBA course the first thing that many of you would like to know is whether they are viable or not and what are the career choices that you can pursue.

The basic overview over here is that once you have started pursuing the part-time MBA course you will be entitled to any career opportunity that you might aspire for. There is often a common misunderstanding among students that pursuing a part-time MBA course will not render you any benefits. However, that is not the case at all and a part-time MBA course is as viable as your full-time course.

The only difference is that for a part-time course you do not need to be as available as a student who will be pursuing a full-time course. It is quite elementary to understand that a student who will be devoting his full time to the course in most cases will automatically have a better understanding of the field and hence they might be given precedence in job interviews.

However, with any good company that you interview with, it is your personality and personal achievements which will speak and not whether you have pursued a part-time or full-time course in MBA. The part-time MBA course is a lovely opportunity for all those students who have started to work but yet they do not want to hinder their growth process.

All of us know that education is something which is very important and courses like this ensure that you do not have to compromise on any other aspect of your life or the commitments that need to be delivered.

Some of the best options that you can pursue after completing a degree in part-time MBA are

  • Financial Analyst
  • Executive Positions like CEO, CFO, or COO.
  • Sales Officer
  • Management Officer
  • Human Resources or HR
  • Accounting Officer
  • F&B Industry
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager and much more

Eligibility Criteria For Part-Time MBA Aspirants

Finally we come to the most important domain of this discussion – the eligibility criteria so that you can start pursuing a part-time MBA course.

Eligibility Criteria
Part-time MBA Aspirants 
1. Bachelor’s Degree

As most of you would already know the part-time MBA course is a postgraduate course and hence you will need to have your bachelor’s Degree. 

The bachelor’s degree needs to be from any college which has been approved by the UGC and is hence viable enough. In most cases, we have seen that the domain of your bachelor’s degree does not matter when it comes to pursuing part-time MBA courses. 

However in this case you have to remember that a minimum of 50% has to be maintained for most institutions who offer you the part-time MBA course. 

2. Entrance Examinations

The discussion for entrance examinations is variable because each and every institution has its own framework to follow. While some institutions do ensure that the students pass through an admission test before they are granted the part-time MBA course admission there are others who do not have this particular criterion and the admission is simply based on the bachelor’s degree obtained. 

For those institutions who require you to pass an admission test, the best thing that you can do is start in advance and then appear for the examinations so that you can pass easily.

Duration and Fees For Part-Time MBA Course

There are many people who think that when it comes to pursuing a part-time MBA course the duration might be more prolonged because you are not being able to give in the entire time which is required.

However that is not the case and just like your regular MBA, the part-time MBA program is also for a duration of two years. It is a postgraduate degree and hence 2 years of time are mandatory for you before you can complete the part-time MBA degree.

For most colleges, the structure is divided into 4 semesters and every 2 months. At the end of each semester, you have to clear the exam so that you can successfully go forth with the next semester.

The next question that most of us are often puzzled with is what are the fees for a part-time MBA course. However, this question does not have a solid answer yet because each of the colleges has its structure when it comes to part-time MBA courses.

Most of the best part-time courses in India, are quite affordable and hence easily accessible for the students. However, there are opportunities for those students as well who are not able to afford and hence they can go for student loans which are easily approved if you want to go with part-time MBA courses.

Each and every college has its own resources and hence the fees for each of them are also different. If you want to know the exact amount you can choose the desired University and get in touch with them or even visit their website to have a clearer idea of the fee system.

Colleges That Offer Part-Time MBA Courses

The next question that we will be addressing here is, which are the colleges that can be easily chosen if you want to go forth with your domain of part-time MBA courses.

All of us know that when it comes to part-time MBA courses you have to be a little bit more selective so that the course you are doing is accredited and can help you to work better.

Although there are a lot of options when it comes to the best part-time MBA colleges in India, we will try to talk about the ones which are the top created and can automatically be instrumental for the growth of your career.

However, it is important that for admission to most of these colleges you need to have good bachelor’s degree marks the admission test is also very important for most of the institutions. The only way in which you can crack these admission tests is to start to prepare well in advance and under the guidance of the individuals.

Is It Worth Pursue A Part-Time MBA Course?

Finally, we come to the most important discussion of the hour whether it is worth it for anyone to pursue a part-time MBA course. The discussion has often been debated and many people think that unless you are pursuing an all-time MBA course it does not have credibility and you will not get the promising job opportunities as well.

However, we can speak with conviction that this is one of the most potent misconceptions that rule the education world and it does not make any sense at all. Pursuing a part-time MBA degree is as viable and credible as pursuing a full-time or part-time MBA degree no matter which specialisation you belong from.

There are some people who will debate that a full-time MBA as well as giving much more time to the course and hands that degree becomes much more credible because of that one particular reason. The only difference that you will have between a part-time and full-time MBA course is the need to attend the college lectures every day and apart from that each and every aspect is identical.

The best thing about this course is that there are a lot of placement opportunities for you if you can choose the right Institution and give your hard work. For most companies, it doesn’t even matter whether you have pursued the part-time or full-time MBA course and they just check your aptitude in the subject. Not only that you will see that many institutions even fund their employees to go forth and complete a part-time MBA course so that it can give them an impetus to grow more.

We can tell you with conviction that if you are looking for the best institute for a part-time MBA in India, there are a lot of options that you can consider. However, you need to keep in mind that it is your ultimate subject reference that will decide which course you go forward with.

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