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Key Facts to Select the Good Colleges in Public Health

Key Facts to Select the Good Colleges in Public Health

Public Health is an extremely vital field of study in the current circumstances. With growing awareness about health and hygiene and need for skilled workers, the scope as well as the demand for the courses in public health are increasing rapidly. The best part about this stream of medical science is that it can be taken up at diploma, graduate and post graduate levels. Students who aspire to be in the medical field but are not able to gain admission in a formal MBBS course can also opt for public health courses.

Since Public Health is a course that’s learnt as much through practical work as through classroom teaching, you have to be very careful while choosing a college. Plus, there are numerous colleges offering short-term courses as well. So, gauging the benefit that you will get in terms of career growth through them is an essential point to consider. Listed here are some other key factors that you must check when opting for admission in a public health course:

  • Ranking:

    Pubic Health courses are mostly accredited by NAAC, while some are approved by UGC, AICTE or Medical Council of India. Check the ranking given on the leading platforms on the basis of faculty, facilities, placements, etc. Once you find out the Top schools for Masters in Public Health, you can start preparing for the entrance tests accordingly.

  • Pedagogy:

    Public Health is a course that involves considerable field work, practical knowledge, discussions and interaction with people. Another aspect is that it is a multi-disciplinary course that combines the knowledge of medicine, economics, psychology, public administration, information technology and social sciences. Hence, find out about the pedagogy and number of workshops or training sessions included in the course at any college.

  • Duration of Course:

    Depending upon how fast you want to start working and how much in-depth knowledge you seek in the field, you can opt for a diploma, graduation or post-graduation course. They may range from one year to three years. The Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru, even offers eLearning course in Public Health Management. Most of the colleges, including the first university dedicated to Public Health, Indian Institute of Public Health (Gandhinagar), offer diploma as well as masters courses.

  • Faculty:

    Looking at the dynamic and multi-disciplinary nature of the Public Health courses, you must choose a college where the faculty have abundant practical knowledge and experience. Moreover, the research work done by them is also a vital aspect. The Top Colleges for Public Health in India have onboard faculty members whose papers have been published in impact factor journals, or who have done research projects in collaboration with government bodies.

  • Infrastructure and fee:

    The infrastructure must provide sufficient facilities for conducting practical trainings and workshops. Also, they must have collaboration with NGO’s or research organisations to help students conduct projects in the relevant domain like reproductive health, epidemiology, biostatistics, health management, etc. The fee structure also varies a lot, depending upon the length of course and facilities offered. Select a college where the fee is within your budget.

  • Specialisation:

    While Public Health is a very wide area, you may want to check what are the branches in which specialisation is offered at different colleges. Depending upon your professional aspirations, you may want to take up specialised study in a particular field. For example, someone who aims to work as a NGO head will do better with Public Health management or administration, while a person with statistical interest will prefer to study biostatistics.

A growing avenue like Public Health is definitely worth considering as it opens up opportunities in hospitals, public welfare departments, as well as academic arena. Spend ample time in making the right choice and advance your career with a B.Sc. or Master in Public Health.

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