Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles

Scheme Closing Date: 31/10/2022

Defective Application Verification Date: 15/11/2022



The Prime minister scholarship scheme for the Central armed police force and Assam Rifles is indeed one of the most promising endeavours that have been taken up by the government and is quite far-reaching as well. This particular scholarship falls under the domain of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme and the best part about this scholarship is that it is actually being implemented at a very wide scale all around the country. Since the year 2018, another very prominent inclusion which has been made for this particular scholarship is incorporating the wards of the State Police Personnel as well within the wing who has been martyred during the Naxal Attacks.

What Is the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles?

Any of you who know a little bit about the different wings of the government would know that the central police forces and the Assam rifles are probably one of the most promising wings of the country and we are dependent on them for a lot of security reasons. But at the same time, it is the responsibility of the government to take care of the dependents who are associated with this particular domain and have been martyred or still serving in the profession. In the easiest terms, we can say that this particular scholarship scheme is for all those words that depend on the professionals who are or have been associated with the central armed police forces and the Assam rifles.

With the commencement of each of the academic years, the application for the scholarship is taken into account and every year around 2000 awarded the scholarship. The number of boys and girls who receive this particular scholarship is equal and hence the opportunity for application for the same is also quite wide, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. Along with the 2000 applicants who are taken from the dependent words of the central armed police forces and the Assam rifles domain, 500 more applications will be taken from those dependents who were associated with the state police and have been martyred during the terror or Naxal attack. For this particular scholarship as well the application number has been divided equally for both boys and girls so that there is parity between the two.

What Are the Application Criteria For the Scholarship?

One of the most important things that you have to remember in this case is that this scholarship is applicable for only a certain domain of the population and hence there are certain criteria which need to be kept in mind.

Central Armed Forces and Assam Rifles

The application criteria that have to be followed by the dependent of the central armed forces and the Assam rifles are:

  1. Wards/widows of deceased personnel.
  2.  CAPFs & AR troops who died while on election or harness duty, wards of employees who became incapacitated owing to conditions related to their employment with the government, and wards of ex-
  3. Personnel from the CAPF and AR received a gallantry award.
  4. The wards/widows of retired and active CAPF members as well as AR personnel who are pursuing their first professional degree programme in the subject (below Officer Rank)of BBA, BCA, B. Pharma, B.SC, Engineering, Medicine, Dental, Veterinary, or BBA.according to the (Nursing, Agriculture, etc.), MBA and MCA, etc. guidelines listed in Paragraph 8 (B).
  5. Obtaining a Minimum Entry Qualification (MEQ) score of at least 60%.In the case of a new candidate, 10+2, a diploma, a degree, or an equivalent.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship?

The points that we have mentioned are only for the purpose of the application and at the same time, the eligibility criteria also have to be kept in mind. In order to be eligible for the scholarship you have to score a minimum of 60% for the minimum entry qualification and this is mandatory for each and every individual. Not only that the courses which are recognised by the government bodies will only be accepted hence make sure that you check about the same before applying.

What Is the Amount Of the Scholarship?

As of now, the scholarship amount is fixed at Rs.2000 for boys each month while for girls it is fixed at Rs.3000 per month. However, only after the application has been accepted the amount is going to be paid annually for each candidate.

What Is the Procedure For the Application for the Scholarship?

Because the motto of the government is to go digital the entire application, as well as the processing of this scholarship, will be done online itself and you have to submit all the documents through the official portal which has been provided.

Currently, the website which has been provided for the application and the processing of the scholarship is Once you have submitted your application online you will be able to track all the updates and the system-generated number will be sent to you so that you are able to track the same in a more efficient manner.

Always remember that after you have submitted the application it will go for verification and only after all the documents that you have submitted or verified will you be further intimidated about the processing of the scholarship.

One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when applying for scholarships that are granted by the government is that you have to maintain complete transparency and the information that you provide has to be authentic. There are stringent verification processes and if any of your data is found to be fabricated your scholarship will be declined at the same time and actions will be taken.

The Prime minister scholarship scheme for Central armed forces and Assam rifles is probably one of the best endeavours. The inclusion of the state police-dependent wards has also been quite instrumental and a necessary step.

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