NEC Merit Scholarship 2022 for Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher Professional Courses

NEC Merit Scholarship

Scheme Closing Date: 31/10/2022

Defective Application Verification Date: 15/11/2022



Scholarships in simple words is the merit that you get for your performance. There are different scholarships available based on merit or financial aid. The scholarships relating to performance are given when the person achieves a certain pre-determined performance. Financial scholarships are given when the student doesn’t have enough resources to carry out his further studies. One such scholarship that relates to giving financial support to the students of the Northeastern region for higher professional support is the NEC merit scholarship.

What is the NEC Merit scholarship?

NEC certificate, named so as it is awarded by the northeastern council to the students of Northeastern region for higher studies in different levels with different disciplines within the country. Hesse rules for eligibility of NEC were implemented in 2020.

This scholarship is awarded by the northeastern council, ministry of development of the northeastern region, government of India for uplifting the northeastern region students. One of the main objectives of this scholarship is the upliftment of northeastern students with financial support so that their guardians also support them for further studies all over the country.

Who is eligible for an NEC merit scholarship?

The students of northeastern states need to follow these rules before applying for scholarship

  • They need to be the permanent resident of the northeastern state.
  • This scholarship shall be available for the prescribed duration of the course subject alongside renewal provisions.
  • The students under full-time employment or students receiving any other scholarship/financial assistance shall not be eligible to apply for the same.
  • Students shall be eligible to receive scholarships only in the year of commencement and shall be applicable for renewal from the subsequent years.
  • The scholarship shall not be applicable for students into an internship or other practical training, rather available for diploma, degree, postgraduate or registration in M.Phil./Ph.D.
  • The scholarship is available to students whose parents/guardians’ income is less than 8 lakh pas. Proof of income from competent authority is a must for applying.
  • A minimum of 60% is the eligibility criteria for the last examination from a recognized institute/university.
Diploma20,000 -p.a
Degree22,000 -p.a
Postgraduate25,000 -p.a
M.Phil./ Ph.D.30,000 -p.a

Maximum number of scholarships awarded each year.

S.NoStateDiplomaDegreePG DegreeM.Phil./Ph.D.Total
1Arunachal Pradesh20130527209

NEC Scholarship selection process

The merit list shall be prepared among verified candidates based on the rules and procedures laid down in NSP.

Selection of students for M.Phil./ Ph.D. shall be based on the topic the students have chosen as their research/synopsis which is relevant to the problems and issues faced by the northeastern region.

This scholarship list shall be made purely on merit basis on basis of last qualifying examination and the minimum criteria of 60%.

Strictly based on merit and no preference of category/religion/ gender shall be given and in case of a tie, a student with lower family income shall be considered.

In case the seats remain vacant for a particular state, they shall be distributed among the other NE states.

The scholarship shall be provided directly to the bank account of verified candidates.

Renewal NEC Scholarship

The student shall be eligible for a scholarship for the full course subject to renewal which shall not be automatic and would be subject to certain additional conditions.

The renewal shall be for a period of one academic year only, all existing scholarship holders are required to fill the renewal form on NSP together with the previous exam mark sheet or assign the certificate.

For renewal, the candidate shall have to pass the particular year/semester also there shall not be any additional backlog from the previous year pending in the candidate’s name.
In case the candidate has any backlog papers pending in his name shall not be eligible for further scholarship and it shall be the responsibility of the institute for verifying the candidature of the student.
Any break in scholarship during the course period shall lead to non-eligibility and cancellation of candidature.

Request for renewable of candidature of students who have changed their subject of study, and change their institution of study will not be entertained for renewable.

The renewable scholarship will be disbursed to all verified applications by NAC directly in their verified bank accounts.

How to apply for the NEC scholarship program?

Step 1- The applicants are required to fill the form on NSP within the prescribed date for receipt examining due procedures and guidelines.
Interested candidates may also fill up the form using NSP mobile app or Umag mobile app.

Step 2- the first level of verification is the institute level and the second level of verification will be carried out by the domicile state northeast region.

Step 3- fill in the details including qualification information and attach the supporting documents.

Step 4- Submit the document, download it for further use.

Documents required for applying

The candidate must upload scanned copies of such documents

  • Perfect residential certificate
  • Income certificate issued by competent authority
  • Bank accounts passbook in the name of applicant
  • Details of qualifying examination
  • Synopsis signed by project guide in case of MPhil or Ph.D. candidates.
  • Any other document may be required by NSP

Final words.

The Indian government along with the northeast government has initiated the scholarship to spread education and make education affordable to the weaker sections of society. This scheme has high powers to uplift the northeastern state education levels helping students to pursue further studies even when their family background isn’t well enough for financing their further studies. The northeastern states have been in the shadows for a long time, they are deprived of many resources including education therefore this scholarship would help them improve their as well as their state’s status and help them get a better standing.

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