Merit Cum Means Scholarship 2022 For Professional and Technical Courses CS

Merit Cum Means Scholarship

Scheme Closing Date: 31/10/2022

Defective Application Verification Date: 15/11/2022



Everyone is aware of the fact that a Scholarship is nothing but financial aid to the students. In simple words, these are a kind of payment that is awarded to the candidates based on their academic achievements.

Also, it is given out to the students because they have met all the requirements which have been set out by the sponsor of the Scholarship. There are many types of scholarships available these days.

One such is the Merit-Cum Means scholarship that is launched by the Government of India. So let’s have a look at the further details and know what it is all about.

What is a Merit-Cum-Means scholarship?

The Merit Cum Means scholarship was initiated by the Government of India with an objective to offer financial support to the poor and meritorious candidates who belonged to the minority section.

Merit Cum Means was launched with a motive to enable the candidates so they can pursue professional and technical courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

It was awarded to the students in India in Government and private institutions chosen by the State Government and Union Territory administration.

The announcement of the scheme was done in concern of the State government and union territory administration via advertisement. These advertisement modes included the local dailies and other publicity media platforms.

Who is eligible for this scholarship?

The scholarship comes with certain eligibility criteria that one must follow.

This eligibility criterion includes scoring up to 50% Marks in their previous examination.

Furthermore, the yearly income of the parents should not exceed up to Rs. 2 lakh.

What is the selection procedure followed by this Scholarship program?

There are two selection procedures that this Scholarship program follows. One is for the freshers and the other is for renewal. So let’s have a look at those.

Fresher selection process

The scholarship numbers have been limited by the State government and Union Territory. All the applications would be exhausted from the merit list of the listed institutions within the state-wise allocations. While the other verified candidates would be chosen in the merit list on the basis of their scores from the previous result.

Renewal selection process

There is no merit list when it comes to the renewal selection process. Renewal applicants would get the scholarship only if they have secured around 50% marks in their previous result that should be approved by the state government and the union territories.

What is the list of institute numbers in this merit cum means Scholarship program?

This merit cum means scholarship program holds a list of 85 reputed and renowned universities for which an applicant would be eligible for the complete course reimbursement as scholarship during their academic year session.

Rate of the Merit Cum Means Scholarship program

The following table will help you to know about the merit cum means Scholarship rate.

Item Existing 2012 – 2017 
Rate of the Scholarship course fee The hostellers and the day scholars both would get around Rs 20,000 every year whichever seems less. 
Maintenance allowance Hostellers would get around Rs 1000 while the day scholars would get around Rs 500 every month 
Scholarship for listed universities The complete course fee is reimbursed for about 85 listed Universities 

How to apply for the merit cum means scholarship?

This scholarship scheme is implemented through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP). It is important to follow the steps curated below if you want to apply for the scheme.

  • Go to the official website – it is compulsory to visit the official website to apply for the scheme. Here is the actual link to the website given www.scholarships.gov.in.
  • Select the Scholarship type – in the next step, select the merit cum means scholarship from the drop-down menu. Then move on to the next part to proceed further.
  • Fill in the information- Once the form appears on the screen, now make sure to fill in the asked details carefully.
  • Cross-check the details for mistakes – here you have to cross-check the details that you have entered in the form.

This is to make sure that you have not entered any incorrect details or else it would lead to the cancellation of the Scholarship

  • Attach documents if asked – be prepared with the document files and remember to attach them if asked during fulfilling the form details.
  • Submit and download – Once you have finished filling out the form, move on to submitting it. Then download it to your device or print it out for further usage.

Instructions related to the bank account details you must know about.

These are the instructions that you need to follow or make sure are done before applying for the Scholarship program.

  • Choose your bank name – students have to select their bank/branch name from the drop-down list carefully.
  • Enter information – in the next step enter the account number and other details correctly alongside the bank branch details and IFSC Code.
  • Disclaimer – It is important to know that If any student submits incorrect bank details, then the chances of their scholarship getting canceled would be high.

Furthermore, the amount will not be transferred to the applicant’s bank account even if the application has been approved for a scholarship. 

  • KYC – Candidates should have completed their ‘Know your Customer (KYC)’ process.

Those who have not done it yet can contact their preferred bank account branch.

  • Candidates should be the account holder themselves- The bank Account must be in the name of the student/applicant only.

No other guardian or any other account holder would be approved.

Final words

A scholarship is no less but hopes for the meritorious students to pursue their higher education and secure their future.

Anyone who is good in students but cannot get any financial assistance is recommended to apply for the merit cum means scholarship.

Moreover, it is suggested to share the details with others so that no one is left behind when it comes to achieving their goals.

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