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Machine learning and its Relevance at Present

Machine learning and its Relevance at Present

Machine learning is a wing of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that emphasises the use of data and algorithms to imitate intelligent human behavior and improve its accuracy gradually. Machine learning allows software applications to become more accurate in envisaging results without being explicitly programmed. The ML algorithms work on historical data as input to predict new outcomes.

These days you can find the use of Machine learning everywhere. When you use chatbots, language translation applications, recommendations on social media feeds, and suggestions of shows on OTT, it is all because of the machine learning algorithm.

Functions of machine learning

In the form of AI, Machine learning teaches computers to think like humans, learn from past experiences and improve with time. It analyses data and identifies patterns of human behavior and includes minimum human involvement. The companies are going for automation through Machine learning algorithms and transforming processes that were earlier only possible by humans to perform.

The three main functions of Machine learning include:

  • Descriptive – the system uses the past data to describe what happened
  • Predictive – the system uses the past data and predict what will happen
  • Prescriptive – the system will use the data and prescribe the best suggestion

Usage of machine learning

In today’s fast-paced world, machine learning has emerged as a revolutionary technology that has helped businesses increase efficiency and accuracy and decrease wastage of resources.

  • It is used to automate tedious manual tasks like data entry, fraud detection, customer service, product recommendations, etc.
  • Machine learning is useful in speeding up processes in organizations and reducing manual workloads.
  • It can do a meticulous analysis and detect minor patterns that human eyes may miss.
  • Image recognition and face recognition are also great features developed by machine learning. It helps in recognising the face of any person and sending the information related to that person.
  • Voice recognition is another interesting feature of machine learning that helps in developing virtual personal assistant (VPA) applications. Amazon echos, google homes, Google Allo, etc. are some of the examples of voice recognition technology.
  • Machine learning is very useful in the stock exchange industry too. A large number of trades are now reliant on this technology without human interventions.
  • It keeps an eye on activities like money laundering and helps companies to check a large number of day-to-day transactions and ensure secure transactions.
  • This technology is proved to be crucial in the healthcare sector. ML technology is immensely helping in tracking and diagnosing any chronic diseases. Online remedies, doctor consultation, and prescription facilities have become possible with the integration of ML techniques.
  • Machine learning has taken multi-tasking of machines to a next level by applying intelligence to complicated tasks and making them simple.
  • These algorithm-based intelligent machines are being used in almost every field to reduce human errors and enhance accuracy.
  • These are some of the most popular uses of machine learning algorithms but their uses are not restricted to only these activities. It is widely used for multiple purposes by different industries.

Career Scope

The field of Machine learning offers lucrative job opportunities and skilled professionals are in high demand in the local and global market. If the terms algorithm, automation, and data evaluation trigger your mind and excite you to explore these areas then machine learning is the right career choice for you.

The job market for machine learning is in a nascent stage and evolving but we can find some prominent roles that several organisations are offering. Listed below are some of the specialised roles for which machine learning experts are required:

To build a career in machine learning, you can study computer science, software engineering, statistics, deep learning, and humanities. Following are the must-have skills for a successful career in this field:

Required Skillset

Mathematical skillsKnowledge of system analysis and design conceptsComputer programming, statistics and data evaluation
Knowledge of data structure conceptsAcquaintance of machine learning algorithmLeadership skills

High-skilled professionals can earn good salary packages. As per payscale data, the average salary of an ML engineer in India is approximately Rs. 6.5 lacs. The world is turning towards these past-paced technologies. Be it a big corporate or start-up, every company is offering almost all sorts of job roles with attractive salary packages.

The scope of machine learning is wide and its relevance is massive. It is aggressively being adopted by various sectors like retail, transportation, healthcare, and financial services in India. Hence, the future is promising in machine learning and will bring more interesting as well as challenging opportunities in the time to come.

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