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The Mantras of New Age Leadership

The Mantras of New Age Leadership

The most appealing socio-cognitive theory of personality is the construct of the locus of control, which is nothing but how people behave in organizations. The belief of individuals about controllability over what happens to them in life and the ability to get along with people with good relationship management with mutual respect to all team members. There is extensive support that personality differences have a significant impact in the workplace. I quote William Godwin, English Philosopher- “A wise man is satisfied with nothing”. If someone is dreaming to become a world class manager and a leader of eminence, one must have several ingredients that will make it happen. The mantras which you need to understand, chant and practice are enumerated in this article of management thoughts. It is totally a practitioner’s perspective and can be applied by managers to become a successful leader.

A conscious manager to exist is to constantly change and evolve & Mature

A Turkey can walk and run it cannot fly. But if a tiny eagle grows up with turkeys probably it will not realize the potential of flying till some danger occur in its life, for the eagle to escape to save it’s life. Till then, it will keep falling hitting the ground. When, hurt several times it will spread its wings to fly. Managers must work hard and smart to realize the true management capability. A manager must be a sunrise category having a view towards the future instead of a sunset manager who fire fights all the time.

A Sunrise manager always comes up with new and creative ideas and work smarter and faster unlike a sunset manager who could just be a workaholic to get things done. If you want to be a world class manager you need to be progressive, passionate and leading-edge technology manager. Old theories of X and Y no longer works. The classification based on five C’s work to some extent on visibility front to become a smart manager which is Cash, Crisis, Conflict, Cool and Change. The relevance of the last one, that is change mangers search for challenges in competitiveness and thrive on positive, goal-focused changes, ceasing the opportunities that make work exciting. In this process they do manage the first 4 C’s effectively.

Innovativeness as personal trait and form of behaviour

The locus of control is not widely studied in organizations till recently. The concept of innovativeness refers not only to the product, services, promotion and marketing but also refers to individual differences that characterize people’s responses to new things. Innovation must exist along side other traits of good leadership and management expert. If you want to become a world class leader you need to have conformity to the risk-taking ability, tolerance, and battery interpersonal traits to manage conflicts in a team you manage. When an individual internal locus of control is high, it is assumed that goal oriented innovative ideas which lead to success. The locus of control is socialized and learned over timeand it can be altered through cognitive behaviour learning from the role models in and outside an organization.

Tech savvy

As technology sill continue to impact any modern business irrespective of sector or line of business you are in. It is going to be the ultimate definition of the organizational and customer relationship. If you are a tech savvy business leader you will understand, identify, evaluate newer business opportunities and align with better customer experience and thereby growing the revenue. New age business leaders will not allow the organization to be blindsided by a new technology trend that is relevant for the line of business. It is just not the automation of business processes but defines buying experience or customer relationship management.

Clutter Gutter or Clear pathway?

Insecure managers always create complexity whereas a real leader makes life and process simple in an organization. One must combine several management types create a unique one. A clear pathway will be witnessed when the vision is clear and they way to reach the goal is well planned with resources in place and who will love everyone and work with everyone instead of bossing around to bring down the productivity of an organization whatever may be the business.

Before you figure out how to reach your destination you need to understand where you are starting from. You need to have all the resources in place before you begin your journey towards the goal set in to achieve and the mutual trust between you and your team. When we discuss about the world class smart manager, it is no more a journey but a race to win. You need to search for challenges in competitiveness, thrive on it innovate, make improvements, challenge and change even technology in this race.

Organization Chart upside down and uncertainty as the only guarantee

The race of world class manager must be able to visualise the employees’ team on the top of organizational chart performing rather than seeing the CEO and CFO on the top. High degree decentralization, trust will lead to such innovative flexible organizations which are most respected in the world. A few of tech giants operate with this open and liberated organizational structure. If you want to be a successful change agent in any sector, you must try this to make it workable and successful. The ethnographic study of the author revealed that it is possible to achieve this feat if you are leading an innovative and flexible organization. In the everchanging world of uncertainties a calculated risk taker, an innovative passionate manager will make a world of difference.

Change the perception of change

A world class manager always knows that change and innovation are stifled not by the way things are but the way they are perceived by people. When employees are made to realize from a good to aworld class managerthat change is as old as time, and as cutting-edge for the future- the resistance for change decreases in an organization. This will certainly lead to transformation, growth and constantly innovative organizations which lead to global standards and benchmarking. Changing the very perception of change in your team or organization will result in minimizing conflicts and thereby productive processes, policies can be implemented faster to ensure organizational growth and success stories of constant changeare built on this strong foundation.

Circles, Values, Ethics and measuring performance

Making friends in an organization with initiative at your end is much faster than waiting for a team to approach you to make a circle or a team to perform and deliver. It is a group of cohorts working together. If someone wants to benchmark as a world class manager, one must define the quality of circle. The family is the first and highest priority circle in our life. Success is not only measured by individual earning power but the ability to contribute to the society including the organization you are associated with.

You need to add value instead of self-gratifying. Your own personal value is increased only by how much you work with and help others. While building the team, you need to demonstrate career growth through performance to all the team members with clear understanding of measurable goals of performances so that there are no heartburns in the team. While developing an action plan a world class manager looks at high integrity and clear performance measurement connected to value creation. Values which render anything to useful or estimable excellence and virtue worth of moral excellence. Integrity of wholeness, honest and sincere and ethics of high moral principles which will withstand any scrutiny with transparency are the key points in your race to become a world class manager.

Inclusiveness & diversity

To become a world class manager, one must reflect a good amount of diversity in age, sex, ethnicity in the team or workforce one manages. The leadership that epitomizes the stated ethical behaviour and inclusiveness will result in better empowerment which will take the organization closer to the end customer. Gender equality and conflict is generally well managed by high potential world class managers. Practices such as sharing of information and employee participation in decision making positively affect organizational performance.


The final important mantra to become a world class manager is not only comparing your current performance with the past but with leadership performance of the organization better than your own. If your organization is high on the competitive ladder or even leading edge, then you need to innovate ahead of your competition without copying them. In a nutshell you need to focus both on internal and external benchmarking and then have a vision to innovate ahead of others. Success of creating and sustaining quality culture and strategic quality planning and effective human resources utilization and higher customer satisfaction are the indicators of quality benchmarking process to become a globally successful manager or a leader. To conclude, to become a world class manager one has to nurture and imbibe all the mantras mentioned above and implement the same on day to day operations.

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