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Top Online Courses on Data Science by IBM & Coursera for India Job Market 2021-2022

Top Online Courses on Data Science by IBM & Coursera for India Job Market 2021-2022

Data Science is one of the most sought after educational opportunities by professionals and students alike. This is because education in data science helps the employment opportunities of freshers and experienced industry veterans alike. This field brings together programming, statistics, and mathematics expertise and helps students create in-depth insight that helps experts make sense of data.

The value of data science comes from data and how valuable it is becoming in today’s world. Businesses worldwide are using digital data to grow their businesses and make sharper and more critical decisions. Data is being used to revolutionise the world in every single industry. One of the shining examples of data being used to make business better was when Southwest airlines saved up to 100 million dollars on aeroplane fuel by studying their data and make necessary changes as per the data.

Now that you understand the value of data science, you should also know that they are highly in demand. A career in data sciences can be very lucrative, especially in a country like India. Here are some of the best benefits of studying in the top online courses for data science.

Benefits Of Studying Data Science

  • Plenty Of Opportunities For Everyone

Data science is a highly in-demand field; however, the education for data science is complex and complicated. This is the reason very few people actually end up garnering all the necessary skills needed to be a successful data scientist. Given that the educational process is more difficult than the other IT fields, it creates an abundance of opportunities for people who have competitive skills in the field. The lack of saturation in the field gives a chance to non-prodigal students to get jobs as well.

  • This Field Is Highly In-Demand Right Now

Data science is one of the most steadily growing job sectors globally, and it is the fastest-growing job on Linkedin. Studies have suggested that by 2026 there should be 11.5 million data science jobs available in the market. This demand provides a significant number of job opportunities for suitable candidates and provides high-paying offers. Some of the top figures drawn by data scientists around the world are over a hundred thousand dollars per year.

  • Variety Of Placements

Data science is applicable in many different industries. Most widely, it is used e-commerce industry, banking industry, healthcare industry, and consultancy services. This field is versatile and can be used in many different industries; it provides candidates with various types of job opportunities. It can be a very valuable opportunity for professionals looking to change their field of work. They can easily get data science certifications and change their field of work to a different industry.

  • Data Science Creates A Great Impact In The World

With technologies such as machine learning and machine automation, data science helps make the world a better place. Machine learning has helped the healthcare industry identify the early signs and stages of tumours and other health problems. Not only that, it has helped train machines to automate repetitive tasks to free up human labour from boring and mundane works. These factors have improved the quality of life of human beings. The implementation of data science in the e-commerce industry has improved customer relationships with brands and customer and user experience. If you study data science, you can be a part of this change and help make the world a better place with scientific and technological development.

These are some of the top reasons to study and pursue data science right now. If this sounds good, and you are interested in pursuing data science as a career. There is a great opportunity that will help you do just that.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Course On Coursera

IBM is one of the top organisations in the tech world, and their course on data science is one of the best ways for you to start your career in data science right now. The course is suitable for students or industry professionals that are trying to learn a new skill and upgrade themselves.

The course teaches you the core principles of data science and the fundamentals of the field, such as Python and SQL. It will also teach you the necessary skills to develop machine learning models, along with the skills to analyse and visualise data. The best part about this Coursera course is that it can be accessed by anyone with or without any prior technical degree. Here are some of the highlights from the course.

  • Learn Skills That Make You Job Ready: As a Coursera certificate course, this course can be your fast track to a career in data science, whether you are a fresher or a professional trying to change your field of work.
  • Get On Hand Practical Experience: This course is not just teaching you the theory and the concepts of data science. Students are expected to complete practical projects that will help them put their theoretical knowledge to the practical test. It also improves the employability of the student as the tests can be counted as project experiences for the students. The projects are a non-skippable part of the course, and students are required to successfully complete the tests in order to get their certificates.
  • Your Certificate Can Help You Get Directly Placed: Coursera offers certificate partners that can offer job opportunities to candidates upon successfully completing the course. Other than that, there are many other opportunities that open up when you complete the course. Opportunities include career access resources and certification examination guidance.

When talking about online data science courses, the IBM Data Science is one of the best online data science courses in India 2021. So, if you are looking for starting your career in data science, now is the perfect time for you to take action as the course is currently open. The length of the course is 11 months where you are suggested to dedicate 3 hours per week. For further information, you can access the course from this link for enrolment or viewing all the course details.

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