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Top 10 Things to Know About US College Admissions 2021- 2022

Top 10 Things to Know About US College Admissions 2021- 2022

Getting a seat in the best colleges in the United States is the dream of many Indian Students. But the higher education admission requirements have been altered considerably, owing to the impending pandemic. Students and parents stand confused as to how to go about with their US college admissions for the years 2-21-2022. Here are the top trends to keep in mind about college admissions for this year in the US colleges.

Top things to know about US college Admissions for the year 2021-2022:

1. Top colleges received 20 to 50% more application forms:

The top 100 colleges faced a significant increase in the number of applications out of anticipation to get a seat in these colleges. These students would not have applied to these colleges, during normal times, owing to their test scores. Thus, the competition tends to be tough this year and most students can benefit from early bird applications.

2. Competitive tests can become options:

Standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, etc., have become optional and this can help students from poor backgrounds to seek the opportunity and grab their admissions.

3. Early application helps with admission guarantee:

Applying to the best colleges earlier can be the smartest move by students applying for US colleges. Though this is the easier move for acceptance of applications traditionally. But there are chances for this to get hampered, owing to the increased number of applications.

4. Colleges use grades and test scores to make strategic decisions:

Some of the competitive colleges will still use grades, test scores, and GPA for selecting the students for US college admissions. Thus it becomes mandatory to stay focused and to get good ranks and grades to get enrolled in the best colleges in the US.

5. Due date for submitting college applications:

The deadlines for the college applications lie in the fall or winter and will differ from one school to another. It is good to check with the application deadlines for the best and the most popular colleges and universities in the country to take appropriate actions.

6. Early action deadlines:

Most of the colleges in the United States offer early action deadlines, which allows the students to apply early and figure out if they were accepted ahead of the regular admission. The early action deadlines for most of these colleges will fall between early to mid-November, but it is optimal to check with the respective schools, with regards to this admission date.

7. Early decision deadlines:

Early decision deadlines resemble the early action deadlines, in which, the students who apply for a college get to hear back early, perhaps by the mid of December and these decisions come with a binding agreement, such as asking to pay a non-refundable deposit to enroll. Thus, if you are applying for an early decision, you should be ready to attend that particular college.

8. Things that are required to apply to college:

The following are the standard things that are required to apply for the colleges in the US for the year 2021.

  • Standardized test scores
  • Official transcripts to report the grades
  • Letters of recommendation from counsellors and teachers

9. Choosing the college:

Be it the top university in India or the US, choose those that offer the best career opportunities and renders the best learning modules and on-campus activities. Also, choose the best financial aid packages to support education.

10. Gap year Impact:

Plenty of students take a gap year, to get a normal college experience, thus there can be fewer spots in the class and a smart decision at the right time can guarantee admission to US colleges.

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