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On-Campus vs Off-Campus Accommodation – What’s Better as an International Student?

On-Campus vs Off-Campus Accommodation – What’s Better as an International Student?

Moving to a different country to pursue your higher education comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. Apart from cultural shocks, financial struggles and learning to live independently, there is a daunting question of accommodation. In a new city, with new people, it seems almost impossible to make the correct decision about whether to chose On-Campus life or find accommodation somewhere off the campus. At the end of the say, there is no right or wrong choice to make in this case; depending upon your personal preference and university rules you have to make your decision. However, here is a list of things to keep in mind that can simplify the process:

1. Cost: It is understood that living off-campus is cheaper than living in dormitories. The expenses cut down by almost 600 USD, especially if you chose to live with flatmates. Despite the cost of food, cleaning and travel, living off-campus will certainly cut down a large amount of expenses. Especially if you look for a place where utility: gas and electricity bills, are included as part of the house rent. However, almost all international universities require students to live on-campus for, at least, the first year. While the price cut is of extreme importance there are other things to keep in mind.

2.Distance: College dorms are located on campus and have easy accessibility to all facilities: from classes to cafeterias, libraries and sports grounds. The campus is designed in such a way that everything is available at walking distance. When choosing to live off-campus it is important to find a mode of conveyance: whether it is your personal vehicle or public transport.

3. Social Life: Apart from academics, college life is the peak of your youth, this is where you are meant to socialize and make friends. While living off-campus does allow you to be with your flatmates, living on-campus is a different ball game altogether. People are always out and about in the university. There are group study sessions and game nights. While living off-campus provides much-needed privacy and quiet, missing out on college life could turn out to be a bit of a bummer.

4. Security: Colleges and college dormitories come with their own security. There are guards on campus gates and spread across the campus, this ensures that there is maximum security. Security when living off-campus depends upon your tenant and the locality you live in. Of course, there is the option of installing security (CCTV) cameras.

5. Academics: This factor solely depends on one’s personal preference and habits. While living on campus comes with its benefits, the constant rowdiness and crowding may distract few people. There are people who prefer studying with a group and then there are those who need their space. In case, you are the latter the comfort and quietness of an off-campus house may be your calling.

While you keep this in mind, another thing to remember is that oftentimes college dormitories are filled by the time one applies. Therefore, if you prefer to live on-campus it is best to quickly read the requirements and acquire your room.

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