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Top Film Making Colleges/Institutes in India: Fees, Courses, Admission, Career Scopes & Jobs

Top Film Making Colleges/Institutes in India: Fees, Courses, Admission, Career Scopes & Jobs

Many film-making institutes in India help candidates who envision being a part of the film-making industry reach great heights in the field. The top film-making colleges in India offer diverse courses in cinematography, direction, screenwriting, and other career options about film and media studies.

Top institutes for filmmaking in India – courses offered and fees:

For all those who wish to nurture creativity in them and learn more about filmmaking and the media industry, the following are the best institutes along with their fees and courses offered.

  1. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune: This is the best institute to learn film making in India and this institute offers one year course in feature film screenplay writing, a certificate course in video editing, a certificate course in electronic cinematography, sound recording in TV engineering, etc. The institute also offers a two-year diploma course in Acting, and a 3-year PG diploma in editing, a diploma in sound recording and sound design, diploma in screenplay writing and cinematography. The fees for these courses are up to Rs. 1.70 Lakh.
  2. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad: This institute offers a bachelor’s in design course in film and video communications, animation film design, and a master’s degree in animation film design. The fee for the course ranges from Rs. 1.39 Lakh to Rs. 1.47 Lakh.
  3. Asian Academy of film and television: This institute offers MSc cinema and PG diploma in cinema courses, that spans for two years and it also offers two years B.SC Cinema and diploma in cinema courses. The course fee in this institute is about Rs. 3.52 Lakhs.
  4. Center for research in the art of film and television: This institute in Delhi offers courses in sound recording and editing, cinematography, documentary filmmaking, acting and modeling, film direction, a post-graduate diploma in YouTube filmmaking, etc. The course fee ranges from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 2 Lakh.
  5. National Academy of Media and Events: This is an excellent institute that offers a professional diploma in advertising, Integrated marketing communication, and Ad film making. The fee for these courses is about Rs. 98,000.

Admission Criteria for the top film making colleges in India:

India has the finest film-making colleges to help people flourish in their careers in the entertainment industry. These institutes require their students to have a graduation diploma or certification before applying for the courses. Students who seek admission to the M.Sc. or MA programs are required to pursue a graduate degree in the same field. Admissions are also made based on entrance tests. Some institutes select students based on their Joint Entrance Test (JET) or thorough Design Aptitude Tests (DAT). The final list of eligible candidates will be chosen based on the aptitude test and personal interview.

Jobs and Career Scopes:

Many young graduates choose to base their career in the entertainment industry, as this is one of the finest industries that is least affected by the recession, and thus, it also offers the best job opportunities along with job security. With experience, this industry offers excellent career options for students and they get to work in the event management sectors, advertisement agencies, television media, and the different filmmaking industries in India such as Bollywood, Tollywood, etc.

These professionals can also draw the best salaries in the industry that varies depending on their job profile. The Radio and TV announcers draw salaries from Rs. 1.8 to 5.6 LPA and reporters and editors can draw salaries between Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 9 LPA. Journalists draw about Rs. 3 to Rs. 5.4 LPA as salary and writers and authors draw about Rs. 3.3 to Rs.4.5 LPA.

Bottom Line:

Several top Film making colleges in India help students have real-time hands-on experience on the diverse techniques of filmmaking. These schools of excellence and expressionism help students to learn the classroom teachings and also apply them in their work. These courses are tailor-defined to transform the student’s natural inclination for films and convert it into a successful career. These institutes offer bachelor’s degree, diploma, master’s, and also short film making courses in India. The students are able to get jobs instantly with the highest paying salaries and job security in the country.

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