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The Art of Inner Management & the Science of Vibrations

The Art of Inner Management & the Science of Vibrations

The last two years are undoubtedly, the toughest one humanity is witnessing, from the loss of millions of lives across the world. The pandemic infection spread questioning the very existence of the superior humans with science as a greatest source of knowledge coupled with technological advances as tools. Now the science of vibrations on the other side is connected both with spiritual and scientific energy to lead a healthy life and mental agility to face tough situations. The one idea, one insight, one revelation, one existential intervention are the foundations of vibration science which rotates the earth with a positive energy and makes living a worthwhile process.

Global competition is tough on the dimensions of efficiency, local responsiveness and innovation will make the world a better place for sure. The primary competitive dimension being efficiency, productivity have paved way for innovative methods and processes to achieve greater heights.  However, when we dwell into science of vibrations a question arises in our minds as to why only a few amidst us reach the pinnacle of success and glory faster against many who struggle. With the experiences we all had in the last two years innovation indeed is all about mastering paradoxes. It involves listening intensely to your inner self and making big investments of long-term happiness programs first for oneself and then to others.  A few of the pointers will take you near the destination of inner management, happiness and bliss with positive vibrations within us.

Unknown & Possibilities!

The first step for inner management and science of vibrations is our willingness to step in to the unknown, the field of all possibilities by surrendering ourselves to the creative mind that moves around and orchestrates the dance of the universe as mentioned in Bhagvad Gita. Looking within with a hope that our existing selves we are going to find something worth and even miraculous within this ultimate illusion. This very self of ours needs to be completely transformed to explore all possibilities both known and unknown.  Satchitatanand- truth, awareness and bliss- is all within. It does not mean that, our problems are going to end once we find the jewels within. More than anything else, we want to release the anxiety, worries, problems of life, from the financial to the ones pertaining to relationships and the uncertainty of the future. You travel within and all the problems existing outside world will certainly go away paving way for you to look at all possibilities of life.

Searching for Peace?

Peace is not a thing to search for and you find, like a lost item found when searched. Peace is not an object, it has to be gained with positivity of thinking, cool mind, patience and ability to take pains and pleasures of life with equanimity. If you are looking for peace you will be running round in circles. It must be attained with the science of vibration and that too a positive one internally. Peace blossoms when we see ourselves having that quality. The more you notice that quality and it reverberates and vibrates repeatedly in you then the attainment happens automatically like the noisy waves slowly settle down in a seashore. The self is both the subject of bliss as well as its object.

Projection of the Mind Vs Qualities of the self

When we look at the projection of thinking it will never liberate us. we must look at enhancing the quality of ourselves either by sensing or expressing words can take us to the state consciousness from where they emerge. State of love, care, empathy will evoke the same. Same is the case with word abundance which can create feeling of abundance. Prostrating invokes feelings of humility and surrender.  We can never indulge in some unethical act, create guilt and expect to have peace, as these actions are contradictory.  A better word would probably be sensing or experiencing or feeling. When we begin to learn from silence more than our voices the transition starts.

Relationship and Communication

All professionals, trainers, life coaches mostly answer relationship quest and queries, skill sets. However, the spiritual spark within gets ignited only when you experience or realise that there is lot more in life beyond material. Bonds begin with relationship and likes, and dislikes come in to play. When there is no defined relationship there are no ego involved. When the relationship is not defined even communication is not necessary and then you start listening which includes whispers of wisdom.  Allowing myself to be with myself to be amidst nature, gives me an opportunity to have access to the ever-flowing universal energy.

Patches of Life & Appreciating Patches

Life is a cycle of happenings. There will be patches of creativity and there will be patches of emptiness. As long as you treat these patches may be a creative patch of music, painting, writing, penning poetry, researching new aspects of life, simply watching the stars in the night sky or the pain of facing a health issue, restlessness, a void within. If you stay within your space of energy which is positively vibrating, you achieve peace irrespective of the situations you face.  Certain emotions and thought patterns such as joy, peace and acceptance, create high frequency vibrations whereas, mindset related issues like anger, desperation, frustration and fear vibrate at lower frequency though it is very difficult to exactly correlate.  Allowing ourselves to be with ourselves amidst nature give us the power to any sudden spiking frequencies in life.  Beyond a certain time with oneself there comes a moment where nothingness takes over and these are the moments when divine energy fills up our being.

Everything cannot be picture-perfect

When everything is picture-perfect it cannot be home.  Every smile need not mean that person is fully happy, it could just be a smile put on for the sake of it,with the pains behind it. We do face tears of joy and pain and fights between people as they aren’t statues. If you don’t take these things personally, then everything will be normal.  Quantum physics describes the universeas nothing more than vibrating strings of energy. When vibrational energy acquired by water molecules it may create incoherent thermal excitation. Similarly, our minds are subject to excitation when the energy is not properly balanced. An understanding of vibrations can create wonders for our relationship and wellbeing as well. As everything moves in the universe, everything you notice, express is a form of vibrational energy. These energies are sometimes perceived consciously and many a time unconsciously. As our bodies are molecular structures that vibrate at a high speed, our cerebral matter is like an electronic switching station. It is we who think with our brains as a tool.

To conclude the art of inner management to remain happy and peaceful depends on our responses to specific frequency levels both consciously and unconsciously. When we talk about physical response, our bodies respond on a cellular level, and all the energy that we are exposed to causes a signal between the body and brain. Inner management is nothing but a balanced act of coherence between both scientific principle that explains clarity of vibrations when it is combined with spiritual spark the incoherent signals can be avoided to the brain. This is nothing but a self-healing process and self-actualised empowerment to gain peace.  As vibes are related to specific vibrations, high frequency thinking patterns, attitudes and emotions are of positive signs and negative signs are of low frequency which may even have resistance within ourselves, doubtful and create anxiety. These are the energies which normally don’t belong to us but we pick them up. Shifting the tone of your internal dialogue is key. The outertone will shift according to your inner vibrations. We need to look at happenings in our lives as it is instead of thinking it is happening against us and we should be grateful for such happenings to learn from it.

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