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How Information Security Can Change a Student’s Life?

How Information Security Can Change a Student’s Life?

Information Technology works as the pillar for building a strong nation! But one thing that plays a crucial role in making the IT industry successful is- Information security. Yes, you heard it right, Information Security in today’s digital world especially in the educational environment is important! It works as a guard. And protects the information and data and helps students! So if you are a student, this article is dedicated to you! We hope this article works as an eye-opener!

Information Security works for three groups:

  • Information Security secures students’ databases, Educational programs, libraries, and other structured data that are important for the welfare of the educational process.
  • Legally guarded intellectual property.
  • IS safeguards data and information that relates to the teaching staff and students.

Threats that students are still facing! Let’s deeply study why our youth is still suffering from Security threats.

Intruders’ actions can lead to stealing important data. Unauthorized intrusions can lead to modifying or destroying the digitized books, program codes, repositories, and manuals in this educational process.

Do you know what the responsibilities of the student privacy protection specialist are? Here are the pointers, check it out:

  1. They ensure the integrity of secured data.
  2. Maintaining the constant information and crucial data for authorized persons.
  3. They ensure the confidentiality of the aspirant’s/students’ important data and prevent data from getting stolen from third parties.

Apart from that, student privacy protection specialists are there to help students and ensure to secure students from loss of data and unauthorized changes.

Now, let’s unfold the threats to students’ privacy

  • There are groups of objects that can be intentionally or unintentionally threatened: Students may infect the computer system with the malware.
  • The computer system or other types of equipment can be badly affected by physical influences and malware.
  • The software that is used for operating the online educational system can be affected.
  • Data stored on hard drives.
  • The personnel who take care of the operation of the educational system.

Threats of the unintentional type include:

  • Software failures
  • Equipment failures
  • Employees errors
  • Emergencies and Accidents – power outages and flooding

But the most dangerous type of threats are intentional ones! Their results cannot be predicted by the professionals! And these threats directly came via students’ activities, competitors, hackers, and organization personnel.

Now students we have learned about the threats! Now, it’s time to understand, what are the students privacy protection measures:

Online educational services assist students to protect data at 5 different levels:

Regulatory and legal
Moral and ethical
Administrative and organizational

Let’s dive into more details:

  • Regulatory-legal protection measures:

According to the legislation, they secures the data from unauthorized access by the third parties: Such information consists of :

Official, trade, and professional secrets
Personal data and information
Confidential information

The work of students’ privacy protection is to safeguard students’ data and it is regulated via the Civil and Labor Code. For this purpose, the experts use hardware, software, and Specific Privacy protection measures determined by the state standards and laws.

  • Moral and ethical protection measures:

A system of moral and ethical values has a unique meaning in the world of the online educational environment. What does it do? Safeguards students from illegal, ethically incorrect, traumatic information.

  • Administrative and Organizational protection measures

The system of Administrative and Organizational measures works on the basis of internal rules and regulations of the organization. The organization’s rules and regulations create the procedure for securing the data and information and its media.

The online educational services create:

  • Internal methodologies of Information Security
  • Job descriptions
  • List of untransferred data
  • Regulations on interaction with legal government bodies
  • Physical Protection Measures

The IT staff and the head of the online educational services have the authority and responsibility regarding the implementation of the physical protection measures like storage hard drive and computer network. They did not let you shift the measures to hire the security structures:

Physical protection measures contain:

  • Establishing the management system and an access control
  • Definition of access levels.
  • Implementing a pass system that locates the access to hardware.
  • Creates mandatory rules for the critical data that are connected to hardware, not with the internet.
  • Technical Protection Measures:

Technical Protection Measures contain the use of specialized software. For example, SIEM systems and DLP, that are innovative and, made to detect and combat security threats. If such systems are not used due to budget problems, then go for approved anti-viruses or special viruses. These measures also put restrictions on copying important data.


Students, now it’s time for final wordings! So must be thinking of why student privacy protection is an asset? The reason is there in the above article! Apart from that, it helps students with their set goals. The first goal is to secure the personal student’s information from information theft, illegal systems, and the system configuration from the third party. The second goal is to safeguard students’ from advertising and propaganda.

We hope this article helps you in the best way! For more knowledge, just read the article once and you can even share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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