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Top 9 Universities Offering Online Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Courses

Top 9 Universities Offering Online Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Courses

Cryptocurrency has been a trending topic as of late—perhaps it is the ease of investing in this market that has made it so popular. Blockchain is of course the foundation of Cryptocurrency, it is what binds finance with technology to create a digital currency.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: An Introduction

Cryptocurrency, as the name suggests can be split into two individual words: encrypted currency. It is a digital currency including the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot—what makes it unique and popular is the ease of transaction that comes along with it. Since there is no third party involved large, international transactions can be done very quickly. However, what truly stands out and gives Cryptocurrency reliability and potential is the fact that it is incredibly safe. In fact, it is arguably safer than bank transactions and this is due to Blockchain Technology. Blockchain in simple terms is a series of blocks that are interconnected in such a manner that some amount of information is stored in every block. However, this information is put in a way that one block has no information about the other block—thus even the block was hacked, the information would be rendered useless, as it wouldn’t be enough. It is impossible to unravel all the blocks in the blockchain, therefore, making blockchain an extremely safe way to transfer money.

FinTech in India

While Financial Technology (FinTech) is increasing at an exponential rate, India is still settling into this new form of financial service. Technological giants have quickly introduced FinTech in their companies, while India is jumping onto the bandwagon. There is still a long way to go, especially since there is negligible knowledge that people have about it. The main reason for this lack of knowledge is that there aren’t enough universities and institutions providing degrees in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Some PG courses have been introduced in high-ranking universities and there are a few certificate courses available, however, this isn’t nearly enough. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency degrees are generally pursued as a Master’s course, however, some universities in India are providing integrated BTech programs that specialize in Blockchain and Crypto. Here’s a list of top Indian Universities providing degrees in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:
  1. Mumbai University: MU offers a Master’s in FinTech—which is done in collaboration with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) thus giving an extremely real-world view of the prospects in FinTech. This degree focuses on all aspects related to FinTech including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ML, AI, and Big Data.
  2. Sharda University: Sharda University is a well-known private university and one of the top universities offering B.Tech CSE with a specialization in Blockchain, this is an excellent option for people who are focused on Blockchain Technology as it is a four-year course that gives ample information about the same.
  3. Chitkara University: Another well-known University, Chitkara not only provides a B.Tech degree with a specialization in Blockchain where students learn about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, but it also has a BBA course available for students interested in FinTech.
  4. IILMS University: IILMS offers an MBA specializing in FinTech, rather than focusing on the technical prospects of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, this is an opportunity for people who want to explore the marketing perspective of Blockchain and Crypto.
  5. Kerala Blockchain Academy: KBA is an imitative taken by IIITM-K and BEN to become a platform for discussions about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, it will also provide training courses and consultancy, This is done so that there is more knowledge about the FinTech industry.
  6. IIM Calcutta: IIM Calcutta is another top-ranking institute of India offering a 6 month accelerated program in FinTech.
  7. Amity University: Amity provides a one-year PG course in Blockchain and Technology Management—this is focused on the business prospects of the emerging FinTech.
  8. IIIT Bangalore & UpGrad: This is a Blockchain Course available on UpGrad, however, it is in association with IIIT Bangalore, thus giving it credibility.
  9. IIT Kharagpur & IBM: Two infamous names have come together to curate this 12 weeklong course that focuses on Crypto and Blockchain in both the practical and conceptual sense. This course has been established in association with NPTEL.
While Blockchain continues to grow it is expected that more Universities will introduce Blockchain and Cryptocurrency courses in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. It would be a welcome change and something that is definitely required today. Foreign Universities like Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, MIT, NYU, Princeton, and Stanford are pioneers for embracing FinTech as an imperative educational degree today. Read More at Related Links

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