Careers in Geology 2021: Courses, Scopes, Jobs, Salary

Careers in Geology 2021: Courses, Scopes, Jobs, Salary

Geology is part of the Earth Sciences; it is a lesser-explored realm in terms of careers, which makes it all the more exciting and demanding in the market. A geologist is someone who studies the structure of the earth in all its states. Geology is a specialized science, which focuses on earth processes that include but are not limited to earthquakes, cyclones, volcanoes etc. Geologists are required in both the public and private sector. Following are the top job profiles in the field of Geology:

  1. Engineering Geologist: Engineering Geologists are consulted before the construction of any site; this is because of their expertise in the rock, soil, groundwater and land of the area. They then advise on the correct course of action that must be taken, to build the best building without harming the earth’s natural state. The Average Engineering Geologist salary in India is around 6,00,000 – 7,00,000 per annum.
  2. Geo Hydrologists: As the name suggests Geo Hydrologists focus on water, they work to prevent the contamination of water and eliminate the impurities already present. They design watering schemes and play a crucial role in designing reservoirs. The average salary of Geo Hydrologist is 5,00,000 per annum.
  3. Petroleum Geologist: Working as a Petroleum Geologist is one of the most demanding career choices. These are scientists that are dedicated to the discovery and production oil. Oil, is and will continue to be, an imperative fossil fuel thus making Petroleum Geology a career that is highly in demand. The average salary of a Petroleum Geologist is around 8,50,000 per annum.
  4. Paleontologist: A Paleontologist is someone who studies the remains or fossils of living organisms. They try to find connections between extinct animals and the ones that live today. Using this information they can infer what should be done in the future to protect living organisms and the environment. The average salary of a Paleontologist in India is around 8,50,000 per annum.
  5. Seismologists: Seismologists are scientists who study the Earth deeply, they, literally, study under the surface. They focus on seismic plates, their history and their impact on the Earth’s geology today. They work in areas where there are earthquakes, mining, nuclear tests and controlled explosions. A Seismologist in India would earn about 9,50,000 per annum on average.

While these are research-based jobs in the field of Geology and require several years of education. Usually, these scientists have not only a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, but also have a Ph.D. in their specialized fields. However, with the demand of the country and the industry, there are several other job opportunities available in the field of Geology. Here’s a list of common Geology jobs:

  1. Environmental Consultants
  2. Remote Sensing Specialists
  3. Environmental Engineers
  4. Geochemists
  5. Geophysicists
  6. Oceanographers
  7. Environmental Lawyers

With the necessity of Geology as a field of study and the need to apply that education in real life, there are numerous opportunities in numerous places available for Geologists. Top recruiters of Geologists in India are Coal India Ltd., IISCO, GSI, IBM, ISRO, BPCL, MMTC. Apart from these government organizations, there are many private corporations that require working with Geologists.

BU Bhopal, IISER, Tezpur University and St. Xavier’s are some colleges that provide degrees in Geology. Normally one would have a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and then would move on to specialize in a certain field of Geology.

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