Top Pre-College Summer Technology Programs for High School Students in India

Top Pre-College Summer Technology Programs for High School Students in India

The summer vacation is the best time when high school students have ample time to concentrate on skill enhancements before they join their preferred stream of a college education. The best way to accomplish this is to enroll in pre-college summer technology programs and the students can also use this time to enhance their skills and to showcase a well-rounded profile. The pre-college summer technology programs are highly effective and expose the students to advanced subjects and theories. It also increased their chances of getting into the best college and course.

Top Pre-College Summer Technology Programs for High School Students:

Attending a summer school renders tremendous benefits. The students can make new friends, learn new concepts, engage in workshops, and use their time productively. The summer technology programs will guide students in their career paths and are worth the time.

1. Symbiosis Summer School:

The symbiosis summer school is run by the Symbiosis International University and is a residential multi-disciplinary program offered at Lavale in Pune. Students can enroll in short-term certificate courses offered in this school from diverse disciplines such as creative writing, film making, and photography, liberal arts, Indian music, theatre, performing arts like dance, art, and design, Indian Classical dance, etc. The fees for the course are about Rs. 40,060 which includes boarding and accommodation.

2. Amity University Summer School Program, Noida:

Students who pass out from class 10 to 12 are eligible to attend this summer school. It covers a wide range of subjects starting from science to management and a lot more. The university offers two weeks’ summer programs in law, science and technology, communication, management, travel and tourism, psychology, hotel management, and foreign languages. Amity is the best school to explore one’s interests and create an excellent career road map. The course fee is Rs. 16,000 for two weeks which includes food and accommodation.

3. Oxford Summer Courses:

The courses offered at the oxford summer courses are business and entrepreneurship, creative writing and English literature, computer science, economics, psychology, media studies, politics, law, medicine, etc. The summer courses are offered by industry experts and will get the students exposed to exceptional teaching at international standards. The course is offered for ten days by academicians with years of experience. The courses are available in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

4. Young Technology Scholars:

The young technology scholar is a two-week residential summer program initiative by the Plaksha university. This is a summer residential program for the students of grades 9 -11 and is based on STEM subjects (Science, technology, engineering, maths). But students from the arts and commerce stream can also join the course and this a program for children who wish to explore subjects like AI, robotics, creative design, electronics, bioinformatics, data sciences, etc. The course is available from June 13th to July 3rd, 2021, and the course fee is Rs. 29,000 (Rs. 25,000 for early enrolments)

5. Summer Camp on Biotechnology and Biosciences by SHRM:

This summer camp focuses on the core advanced concepts of biochemistry, molecular biology, and microbiology. This is a five days’ program for class 8 to 12 students. In this course, students will be given hands-on training experience on DNA isolation, preparation of soaps and sanitizer, DNA isolation, etc. Their research abstracts will be published in journals as well. The course fee is Rs. 9,500 including GST.

Bottom Line:

The pre-college summer camps are great opportunities to convert one’s passion into a project. These courses are designed for students to explore the challenges and opportunities of college studies, and students enjoy attending them as they can enrich their creative minds without the pressures of formal education.

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