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Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Higher Education

Dr. Hemachandran K
Professor – Department of AI & ML | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Data Science | Neural Networks | Computer Vision, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

AI helps students with advanced tools and technologies in gaining surplus knowledge apart from classrooms. For improving the learning experience AI is the best solutions compared to traditional ways.
For the teachers, AI helps in preparing course outline, marks grading, homework correction etc. This helps faculties to concentrate in developing student’s skillset, research and in improving their teaching methodologies.
AI tools help in segregating and grouping the learning materials (smart content) such as e-books, audio and video lectures according to student preferences and course outline. By learning in this way, the process of learning and the outcome of the course will become student-oriented.

According to the IQ level of the students, they can be classified as low, medium and high. Based on their level of IQ they can be trained with AI-Based systems. AI-powered smart tutoring systems help the students to access from any location and in creating personalized study plans.

Voice Assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google assist the students in the absence of teacher in the classrooms. Implementation of voice assistant technology in the college campus makes the students to participate actively in classroom activities.

AI-powered Attendance System helps in taking the attendance of students automatically. By implementing such a system, the student’s habit of giving proxy can be avoided and no need of spending much time in taking attendance.

Facial Recognition and Voice Recognition helps in reducing malpractices while examinations.

Many companies are now engaged in developing AI-powered tools for educational institutions such as,

  • Nuance had created an app for speech-recognition. Beneficiaries of this app are who struggle with writing.
  • Querium made customized STEM courses for schools and college students.
  • Brainly is an online platform that provides a classroom environment for the students.
  • Kidaptive is an Adaptive Learning Platform that creates a challenging task for students depending on their distinct strength and weakness.

To make an improvement in the education sector, the various challenges faced by the students and faculties must be addressed with solutions employed by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will impact in all in all growth and performance of students and also helps to lessen the stress and pressure on faculties.

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