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Quantum Computing and Engineering: Careers & Top Universities

Quantum Computing and Engineering: Careers & Top Universities

Quantum computing and engineering harness the concepts of quantum mechanics to render advanced computation for solving unique problems. The quantum computers that are designed by leading giants are able to solve complex problems that even the most powerful supercomputers are not able to solve. Quantum computing is considered the future by many tech giants and has the scope to offer some of the finest jobs in the country and abroad.

Application of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has evolved over the years to process infinite combinations of scenarios at the same time. It can simultaneously consider and comprehensive infinite scenarios, which are generally not possible with the current computing methods. In quantum computing, it is possible to make infinite calculations on the go, enhancing the power of predicting and problem-solving beyond the human mind. Quantum computing finds its application where large and complicated systems wait to be simulated. It can be used for predicting the financial market and for forecasting weather forecasts. It will also find its application in cryptography and has the potential to change the way the world computes.

Careers in Quantum Computing:

Quantum computing technology has been included in every top technology and its market is expected to be $1.9bn by the year 2023. The world’s largest economies make their investment in Quantum to stay ahead of the competition. Thus this industry is a promising and lucrative one in the eyes of the job searchers.

More and more companies such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft have been performing research in Quantum Computing, and this has opened up clear career paths for engineers, developers, and researchers in quantum computing and engineering. The most widely available career options for these aspirants are quantum algorithm researchers, quantum software developers, and computer architecture.

IBM has eighteen quantum computers as of the year 2020 and also offers a range of opportunities for graduates with the following job titles,

  • Quantum control researcher
  • Quantum complexity theorists
  • Quantum algorithms researcher
  • Quantum cryogenic engineer
  • Quantum community builders
  • User experience designers in quantum etc.

Top Universities to study Quantum computing in India

1. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

This institute has a quantum measurement and control laboratory and is one of the finest institutions in India that offer quantum computing and engineering courses. This is a public research institute in Mumbai and is deemed to be a university. This institute offers integrated MS and Ph.D., Ph.D., and a post Ph.D. program in the field of quantum computing.

2. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal:

This is a degree-granting autonomous institute that was established in the year 2008 and is an eminent institution for science education and research. It aims to offer quality science education to both UG and PG students and the prime focus of this institute is to integrate science education with research.

3. Raman Research Institute in India:

The Raman research institute was founded by Prof. C.V. Raman in the year 1948 and offers research studies in the field of quantum computing, theoretical physics, light and matter physics, astronomy and astrophysics, etc. The institute was personally funded by the scientist to continue with his research activities after he retired from the Indian Institute of Science. The institute offers a physics major with theoretical computer science courses, which form the basis for quantum computing.

4. Indian Institute of Science:

The IISC, Bangalore is a center for science education and research and is a top university in India with world-class facilities and infrastructure to study quantum computing and engineering. It admits students based on their GATE score for its masters and Ph.D. program.

5. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur:

The IIT Kanpur is one of the finest institutions in India that offers masters and Ph.D. programs in quantum computing and engineering. A number of its professors are also involved in the research of quantum mechanics.

Bottom Line:

The largest tech companies and research laboratories all over the world are leading the research and development of quantum computing space. They are on the constant surge for talents with advanced degrees in quantum computing and engineering. This is expected to bridge the gap between the formal encryption solution with advanced quantum computing techniques. The universities that have been discussed above, offer degrees and specializations in quantum technology.

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