Best Online Summer Courses in India

Best Online Summer Courses in India

Are you teenagers, or your parents out there losing sleep over what career you would choose? Or, confused about what you are best at? Well, you do not have to worry anymore. With the summer break coming up, you could make the best of your time by learning a new skill, or, trying to recognize your hidden talent.

This summer, make use of your free-time to hone your skills, or discover new talents, through joyful online programs and summer courses, improving yourself by the day, that too while having a great time!

Let’s go through the best available online summer courses for students in India. You could find the best one suited for you!

Oxford Summer Courses

The Oxford Academic Course is one of the best in the world. With over forty different disciplines to choose from, designed specifically to enhance your future academic career, it offers you an extraordinary experience. The subjects offered range from Artificial Intelligence to Classical Civilization. Each course challenges you as you build your skills and knowledge.

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You get an opportunity to learn from world-class tutors, in the style authentic to Oxford University through Online Learning with Melio. One-to-one tutorial sessions, small-group seminars, and personalized instructions are some of the additional benefits you get. Plus, you finish the course with friends from all over the world.

YTS or Young Technology Scholars

The Young Technology Scholars is an online summer course designed for high school students from Class 9 to 11. It’s a 2-week long course. The program emphasizes on interdisciplinary technical education and is focused on STEM.

An initiative by Plaksha University, students from all streams including arts and commerce can join YTS. Senior faculty members from world-class universities along with the alumni from IITs, Stanford, IIMs, UC Berkeley, and HBS have designed the online course curriculum.

YTS is an exceptional program for students wanting to explore the creative, scientific and business aspects of Robotics, AI, Electronics, Data Sciences, Optics, and Bioinformatics.

The fees is around INR 75,000 for Early Bird Round 1 and INR 80,000 for Early Bird Round 2.

Online Summer Camp on Bioinformatics by SHRM Biotech

The intersection of biology, information and computer science created Bioinformatics. It is a growing modern scientific field. This is the best summer course out there for the budding biophysicists. The course is imparted in three batches – May25-June5, June8-June19 and June29-July10 with classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6-8 PM. The course fee is INR 7,500.

Tribes for Good summer program

TribesForGood’s Young Changemakers is an online summer course that introduces kids to leadership and social entrepreneurship in a one-year-long program. Students work in teams with innovative organisations focused on global challenges like climate change, women empowerment, education, impact travel, social justice, poverty alleviation, animal welfare and the likes.

This program is suited for students aged between 13 to 18 who would go on to become future entrepreneurs, diplomats, consultants in a global world, participating in economic, social, and environmental issues that affect the country.  High School students seeking admissions at best colleges could also strengthen their profiles through this program.

The course fee is INR 22,000.

Leadership Summer Program by Doon School

The Doon School is one of the best schools in Asia. For young girls and boys of Grade 9 to 12, this program renders an exceptional experience to develop extraordinary leadership skills. It’s pretty extensive in nature yet quite enjoyable at the same time. The online summer course includes creative experiential learning, problem-solving, intellectual challenge, outdoor adventure, community service, self-discovery, design-thinking, case studies, and group activities.

The previous year students of this program have made it to the Ivy League Colleges, IITs, the Russell Group universities in Canada and UK, Oxford and Cambridge, Singapore and Hong Kong universities, Delhi University and some highly regarded colleges of science and liberal arts in the US.

The course fees for this program are INR 1,40,000.

Online Summer Course by Aspire and Darden Business School

The program is of 40 hours spanning over 10 days at 4 hours a day. It consists of:

  •   4 hours of Case Studies
  •   3 hours of Writing Skills
  •   8 hours of Socratic Dialogue
  •   3 hours of Oratory
  •   6 hours of Soft Skills
  •   4 hours of Film-making
  •   4 hours of Dramatics
  •   4 hours of Sessions by Guest Speakers
  •   4 hours of Opening and Closing Sessions

This program can be attended by a maximum of 20 students from Grade 9 to 12. The sessions are conducted via Zoom. The duration of the program is 2 weeks with classes on Mondays through Fridays. INR 75,000 is the program-fees. Select scholarships of up to 40% can be availed by the deserving students. There’s an early bird discount of INR 10,000 offered as well.

Online Summer Courses are a blessing in disguise for the holiday season. There is a course available for every student. Every student should be able to make full use of this time to prepare and academically hone themselves towards being a better version of themselves for facing an ever-evolving world.

Which one would you like to try out in the upcoming summer?

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