5 Factors that an Indian Student Must Consider to Boost Admission Chances in Global Universities

5 Factors that an Indian Student Must Consider to Boost Admission Chances in Global Universities

After the 2020 pandemic, university admissions have changed between remote learning options and adaptive curriculums. But did anyone know what the universities expect from talented minds and how Indian students will win the race of getting admissions in the top B-school across the globe? Here are some of the factors that Indian students must consider.

After Covid-19 hits the World, the top universities across the globe have recently updated their admission processes, teaching methods. Institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, Harvard, ISB, Yale are still searching for significant factors like an excellent student, perfect academic results, test scores, and a great letter of Intent.

Suppose you are an aspirant and searching for the out-of-the-box factors. You must read out the following factors that will help you boost your admission in the global universities and in the top universities in India.

Your exam score is no more essential to get admission.

Due to the attack of the COVID-19, there is a lack of resources, which let universities wave off the exam scores and other admission requirements. Even the top institutions like Oxford University, California Institute of Technology have waived off their significant tests; for example, GRE was taken for the master’s programs.

Now student’s impressive statements of purpose will be given more preference! Now the time of qualification criteria has passed!

Perfect your profile

Universities have taken the initiative! Now they are offering waivers for specific certificates and documents and even increased the application deadline for the candidates. What else an aspirant wish for?

So students, if you have work experience certificates, letters of recommendation, internship letters, or any other important document, it will increase credence to your profile.

Always remember! The early bird gets the worm! If the university experts have stated that they are getting excess applications and pouring them to get the best. So try to make your profile perfect for getting admission to top colleges.

You must know that University can increase your chances.

One of the best ways to connects to the university experts is via social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Many institutions have developed their virtual apps via VR technology and permit students to have campus tours and connect with the University.

Adapt to the flexible study options

It’s significant to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to adapt to the new university changes. All over the World Universities have undergone some changes to assist students in adapting to new changes.

Some students might hesitate to apply for the new University changes, while other talented ones get the chance to accept the unique changes and enter into top B-schools.

Upskill technically

Now, it’s time for digitalization. At present, industries are going digital and providing work-from-home opportunities to the applicants. Apart from these skills, more than 73 % of the Universities are looking for better evidence of a students’ like soft skills, ability to work in a group. So the students need to stay in front of the game and enhance their admission chances.

If you want to apply for the Global Universities or in the top Universities in India, you can! Easily apply!

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