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Artificial Intelligence – The Need of the Day

Artificial Intelligence – The Need of the Day

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Do you enjoy chatting with Siri and telling Alexa to follow your instructions? Do you wonder how your car is moving on self-driving mode and how bots have all the solutions to your queries? The technology which is making all this happen is known as Artificial Intelligence. AI or Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science that helps in building machines that are smart and capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. The organisations in India have understood the potential of this technology and the adoption of AI-centric applications is excessively accelerated. To manage different operations, these organisations are leveraging multiple AI applications. The IDC report on the state of AI adoption in India – including hardware, software, and services markets says by 2025 the AI market is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 20.2% which will take total revenue to reach US$7.8 billion in India.

A career in the field of Artificial Intelligence

In today’s time, Artificial Intelligence is becoming very popular worldwide. The intelligence showcased by machines is called Artificial Intelligence. These machines are programmed in such a way that they learn and imitate the actions of human beings and perform human-like tasks. AI technology is growing exponentially and creating immense opportunities in the Indian market. AI is boosting every level of business and arising the need for AI experts. It is opening up a wide spectrum of career paths in the field of artificial intelligence. According to a Gartner report, it claims that by the year 2025 AI-related job creation will lead to the creation of 2 million net new jobs.

Here are a few exciting job opportunities in the field of AI:

AI & ML Developer/EngineerData ScientistProduct Manager
AI Analyst/SpecialistResearch ScientistRobotics Scientist
Big Data EngineerBusiness Intelligence DeveloperMachine Learning Engineer

Application of AI technology

Let’s now have a look at the application of AI technology across multiple industries.


We have been dealing with pandemic crises since the start of COVID-19 and our healthcare sector has faced immense pressure to deal with this situation. Thanks to AI technology which has been used in multiple ways to handle this health emergency. AI technology helped in the quick and correct diagnosis of tricky COVID-19 symptoms to make sure patients are given the right treatment. Researchers are using AI to identify new treatments for COVID-19. AI chatbots have been created with knowledge of public health in local languages so that people can engage well. There are various other examples where AI has been extensively used during pandemics like for vaccine development, thermal screening, facial recognition with masks, analysing CT scans, etc. For the healthcare sector, AI is proved to be a game-changing technology.

Security & Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence is very useful for security systems. An AI-enabled security system is capable of identifying objects which contributes to a flexible setup. Techniques including face recognition, voice identification, and video analysis are being used in combination for surveillance purposes and biometric authentication. AI-based video surveillance can detect abnormal behavior patterns and enhance security by identifying any potential threats. Whereas voice recognition technology can be used in determining the identity. Alexa or Google Assistant are examples of voice recognition.

Travel and Transportation

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the travel and transportation industry can be seen widely. AI is making it convenient and easy for all of us in suggesting the most efficient routes, making travel arrangements, better booking prices, and best travel places recommendations. AI-powered chatbots are being used to interact with customers for the quick response and cost-effective travel suggestions.


AI is quick and hence very useful in detecting cyber risks potentially harmful activities in no time. AI cyber-security systems are designed using complex algorithms to recognise malware or ransomware attacks before they reach and damage the system. Every day firms receive a huge number of cyber incidents and identifying all of them is quite challenging for them. To protect their organisations from such threats, security professionals are relying on intelligent machines and innovative technology such as AI.


Artificial Intelligence is benefitting almost every industry and the educational sector is also taking huge advantage of it. Teachers, students, management and administrative staff are all using AI technology in different ways for different purposes. AI is used in schools or colleges for providing a more suitable and interactive learning environment. With the integration of AI in e-learning, smart classrooms are being set up to facilitate e-learning among the students. AI is helping in creating good quality digital content and customised textbooks to fulfill the requirements of the students.

For teachers, AI is useful in delivering good results by offering personalised guidance to each student. With the help of AI, class tests and exams can also be customised. It also helps in the assessment and grading system. In addition to teaching aids, AI can be effectively used to smooth administrative work.
The adoption and application of AI technology are not restricted to these above-mentioned industries its extensive use can also be seen in various other sectors like e-commerce, banking & finance, agriculture, automobile, sports, etc.

Importance of AI

AI technology is being welcomed by every industry across the globe. It is gaining popularity and is considered one of the most trending technologies in today’s time.

  • Chances of errors are reduced as these are machines programmed with human-like intelligence. The human can make mistakes but machines cannot if programmed accurately.
  • AI can process a huge amount of data in a short duration of time. The data analysed with AI can be accurate, more relevant, and concrete.
  • With the help of AI, organisations can achieve consistency, speed, and scalability in business processes and cost benefits.

Hence, we can see how AI is rapidly changing the world and taking us to the future which would be dominated by intelligent smart machines, robots, virtual assistants, chatbots, etc. With these trends, the future of Artificial Intelligence is promising. Needless to say that exciting career opportunities will flourish in all the major industries in the country. These AI-powered solutions are speedily moving forward and impacting our quality of life.

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