Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences

Solan-Oachghat-Kumarhatti Highway, Bajhol, Himachal Pradesh


IIRF Rank 2021

Academic Excellence:

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences stands out for its spectacular contributions in the field of education, research and creativity. As a private university, it has the unique distinction of being called a research-driven institution. It speaks volumes of its commitment that Shoolini University is known for promoting research-driven models and has so far filed for 350+ patents, including 100+ patents in 2019.
Among the studies the university offers, include courses in Biotechnology, Management Sciences, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Sciences for undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes. It also has courses for Agriculture, Mass Communication & Journalism, Hotel Management, Yoga Sciences, Disaster Management and Law.
Like all universities in India, Shoolini University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The University also has accreditation from the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). In 2016, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council accredited the university as B++.

Research and Recognition:

The center is involved in Quality research: on issues associated with the origins and maintenance of biodiversity, Educate to Protect: To provide the information needed to better manage biodiversity with the goal of minimizing the loss of populations and species, Collect and Index: Develop an inventory of biodiversity through DNA barcoding as a tool for identification and species discovery, Leadership: Globalize Himalayan biodiversity through national/international collaborations. 
The mission of the center is to work for the development of nanomaterials for improving the life of people in the Himalayan region with special relevance to water purification, materials synthesis for applications in defense, biomedical and communication engineering.

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