Martin Luther Christian University

Martin Luther Christian University

Lummarboh, Dongktieh, Nongrah, Shillong, Meghalaya


IIRF Rank 2021

Brief Outline:

Martin Luther Christian University deserves an enviable position among the private universities of all not eastern states of India. By virtue of its commitment and professional ethics, the university succeeded in carving a niche for itself. Though the university came into being July 2005 as the first Christian university, we know it today for its contribution towards holistic growth and sustainable development. The creation and functioning of the university was in accordance with the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 under Section 2(f).


Christian education and values for the betterment of society, especially its youth and the Christian community.
The University promotes practical education to empower society. With this end in view, it offers courses and degrees in vocational education, health care, information and communication networks, agri-sciences, environmental protection, disaster education, peace studies and developmental projects. Spheres of learning range from Allied Health Sciences, Educational Psychology(M.A.) and Clinical Psychology, Environmental studies, Business/Management, Family Financial Planning (Diploma), Social Work, Music, Culinary Arts, etc.

Vocational Education:

With job-oriented academic courses, MLCU is prepared to meet the challenges and requirements of the present-day workplace. It emphasizes Skills and Experiential Learning and offers hands-on development projects for its students, to acquire not only knowledge and skills, but also the real-life expertise much needed to pursue gainful and fulfilling careers.

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