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V V P Engineering college campus, Opp. Motel The Village, Kalawad Road, Virda-Vajdi, Rajkot. Gujarat - 360005

Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture


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Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture is the foremost school of architecture in Rajkot, Gujarat. It was established back in 2000 and is affiliated with Saurashtra University. This college is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and the Council of Architecture. Also, it is managed by Vyavasay Vidya Pratishthan.

The main vision of this college is to preserve, teach and expand the knowledge of design making sure to educate individuals. Furthermore, the goal is to assume a significant role in the architectural profession.

Besides that, it has created an ambience that promotes the growth of every individual. Other than that, the total number of faculty members that the college has is 18 and the total student enrollment is 294.

Courses offered

Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture offers both graduate and postgraduate courses. It offers a B. Arch course which is of five years duration.
These five years of course are divided into ten semesters of sixteen weeks each. Other than this, the school also offers a set of curricular subjects which enables the students to expand their minds to other dimensions of life.



Eligibility criteria

Semester 1

1. Design studio-I (DS-I)

2. Building material & construction-I (BMC-I)

3. Humanities-I (HUM-I)

4. Basic of Design-I (BOD-I)

5. Structure-I (STR-I)

6. Architecture Graphic Techniques-I (AGT-I)

Students must have passed class 10 or equivalent examination and above can appear for NATA. Besides that, students who have qualified an aptitude test in architecture and have scored a minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 with mathematics as a mandatory subject would be eligible for B.Arch.

Semester 2

1. Design studio-II (DS-II)

2. Building material & construction-II (BMC-II)

3. Humanities-II (HUM-II)

4. Basic of design-II (BOD-II)

5. Structure-II (STR-II)

6. Architecture graphic techniques-II (AGT-II)

Semester 3

1. Design studio-III (DS-III)

2. Building material & construction-III (BMC-III)

3. Basic of design-III (BOD-III)

4. Structure-III (STR-III)

5. History of architecture-I (HOA-I)

6. Environmental science & services-I (ESS-I)

Semester 4

1. Design studio-IV (DS-IV)

2. Building material & construction-IV (BMC-IV)

3. Basic design-IV (BOD-IV)

4. Structure-IV (STR-IV)

5. History of architecture-II (HOA-II)

6. Environmental science & services-II (ESS-II)

Semester 5

1. Design studio-V (DS-V)

2. Building material & construction-V (BMC-V)

3. Structure-V (STR-V)

4. Architecture graphic techniques-V (AGT-V)

5. History of architecture-III (HOA-III)

6. Environmental science & services-III (ESS-III)

7. Elective Design

8. Craft Elective

Semester 6

1. Design studio-VI (DS-VI)

2. Building material & construction-VI (BMC-VI)

3. Structure-VI (STR-VI)

4. History of architecture-IV (HOA-IV)

5. Environmental science & services-IV (ESS-IV)

6. Elective Design

7. Craft Elective

Semester 7

Design studio-VII

Semester 8

1. Design studio-VIII (DS-VIII)

2. Building material & construction-VII (BMC-VII)

3. History of architecture-V (HOA-V)

4. Environmental science & services-V (ESS-V)

5. Professional practice-I (PP-I)

6. Elective Design

7. Craft Elective

Semester 9

1. Design studio-IX(DS-VIII)

2. Building material & construction-VIII (BMC-VIII)

3. History of architecture-VI (HOA-VI)

4. Environmental science & services-VI (ESS-VI)

5. Professional practice-II (PP-II)

6. Elective Design

7. Craft Elective

Semester 10

1. Design Studio-X (DS-X)

2. Research Methodology

3. Professional practice-III (PP-III)

4. Workshop

Courses highlights

The courses are well researched and updated annually so that the students can learn about the latest techniques and be prepared for the future generation.
Candidates are trained inside and outside the campus and also encouraged to participate in the extracurricular activities. 
With highly professional and experienced faculty members, candidates can expect to get guidance during internships as well as placements.

Admission process

The admission process takes place but through online and offline modes. Those who want to go for the online mode need to visit the official website of the college. There is no direct admission allowed to the students at any year of B. Arch course based on any qualification.
NATA score shall be varied for two years from the year in which the candidate has appeared. Although to inform you there is a certain amount charged during the admission process, overall the fees structure is great of this college.

Result and cut off

The results of the examination are released on the official website of the college itself. On the other hand, the selection is based on the NATA score and the cut off marks are the minimum qualifying marks that one has to score for admission.

Therefore these are determined relying on the number of seats available, students appearing for exams, the difficulty of the exam and others.


The process is the placement process is not allowed in the architectural field in the country. However, better internship opportunities are offered to the students so that they can gain knowledge and experience.

Besides that, the faculty members also make sure that the students are guided throughout in the matter of recruitment and other decision-making times.

Campus facilities

Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture is masterfully built and well equipped with multiple facilities. It is covered with greenery from all sides and provides the best interest for both the faculty members and students. The campus has a well-equipped library that has hundreds of books and journals.

It has studios, workshops, material library, construction yard, administrative area, auditorium, laboratories, AV centre, amphitheater and a canteen too. Not to mention, the campus life of the students is the best that fulfills their every need.

Alumni network

Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture has a solid alumni network. As an alumni association, it is registered under The Public Trust Registration Act 1950.

The alumni can join the association and can get enormous benefits including a wider professional network, online job listing, access to other resources of the school, connecting back to classmates and more. All one has to do is fill in the attached forms and become a part of them.

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