IIRF Impact Ranking (Pvt. & Govt.) 2022

The renowned Education Post. showcases globally practised IMPACT Rankings for the top Indian Universities/Institutions. In the present innovative era, this ranking initiative is critical for branding and online promotion. Many big names across the world are developing new and innovative parameters for ranking institutes offering higher education. Currently, the below- given three parameters are applied by most of the research agencies:

  • Social Impact:

Factor Index: Social cause, Social responsibility, Scholarship budgets/reservations, Green action plan.

  • Well-Being Impact:

Factor Index: Happiness Index for Faculties, Students and Staff.

  • SDGs Impact:

Factor Index: The Institute's/University's contribution falls under the 17th goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development on the Higher Education Scale.

Importance of Impact Ranking:

Those institutions take the above 3 parameters as the 3 pillars of their success. It may get an unexpected JUMP in the rankings.

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