In Ahmedabad, the Space Applications Centre for the Indian Space Research Organisation is situated. It is a space research centre which mainly focuses on the implementation of the research. Space applications centre Ahmedabad has played a significant role in the mission of Chandrayan-1. SAC works on the design of spaceborne instruments. The target behind having this SAC is the development and operation of the application of space technology for societal benefits. 

Academic Performance 

SAC being the major unit for diverse research and development activities offers several academic opportunities. There are career opportunities in several fields such as electrons and communications, remote sensing, navigation technologies, microwave, software engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and other administrative posts as well. To get any career assistance from SAC, a student must go through the written test. With short training and short-term courses, one can apply for other better job opportunities as well. 

Research and Development

At the Space Applications Centre, several research projects are being undertaken, which are segregated into various sections like Communication and Navigation Payloads, Earth Observation Payloads, Communication and Navigation Applications, Earth Observation Applications, and Exploratory Sciences. The Research Lab is one of the best research labs in India. It has Electronics Facility that includes a Microelectronics facility, PCB fabrication facility, Surface Treatment and Thermal Painting Facility. Mechanical Facility includes Mechanical fabrication facility, QC and metrology facility, Structural and thermal analysis facility. Currently, the SAC is working with Satellite Communication Applications in the communication and Navigation Application field. Under the Exploratory Sciences, at present, SAC is working on Mars Orbiter mission, Methane Sensor for Mars, Mars Color Camera, and Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer.  

Placement Highlights 

SAC itself offers placements to all. One can either join any job at the SAC itself or opt for other job openings offered by the associates. Being a part of research programs run by ISRO could be a better option for several students. They also offer many internships. During the training for these SAC Academic Associate Program, a student gets to work with the scientists and the engineers on SAC projects. There are three types of projects that involve interns. These projects are Work Experience Internship, Dissertation Internship, and Research Internship.