An institution, that was developed for the research and development for the textile industry in India, named Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association, got founded in the year 1947 by the textile mills of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. It was started to help the nation in textile support, and develop an international competency. The association always comes up with technology and elements that can improve the textile industry in India. In the meanwhile, this has become an institution of great interest for the students to learn the technology of fabric.

Academic Performance 

The association offers several technical training programs including a study on yarn and fabric, quality evaluation of fabrics, geotextile testing method, composites materials, basic textile, fabric preparation, dyeing and printing, mills operating training, and positive attitude and behaviour change. These short-term courses have great content and provide several things to learn. Since the courses are short term, they are packed with information and content. One can easily gain vast knowledge over the topics in just two days or a week. Depending upon the interest of the students, they also suggest courses. The courses are not only for students but also for professionals. These studies will help to upskill all.

Research and Development 

This institute involves training and research of several departments that include chemical technology, composites, environmental engineering, nano fibre, textile testing laboratory, calibration laboratory, eco lab, incubation for technical textiles, focus incubation centre, and power loom service centre. Under every department, there is always some research being carried out. They are working on nine water reservoir projects using geotextile materials, working on textile-reinforced concrete development. Recently they have added some nano web-based technology and their research includes a face mask, cigarette filter, and automotive engine air filter. Developing new ideas to improvise the country’s textile industries is the motto of the institution. They are offering several courses and the opportunity to be a part of their research and development projects.

Placement Highlights

Since the association is associated with several new projects that serve the textile industry, they happen to offer placements only in the textile industry itself. The students from the association get to work with the research and development projects and several mills for their project development.