Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, or IISER, Mohali is an autonomous public research university established by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India in 2007, at Mohali, Punjab. IISER Mohali seeks to impart qualitative education in science and to fuel the research spirit through innovation in teaching and research methodologies. It renders a young set of minds that are driven by innovation and the potential of research. For spearheading robust scientific research, academic freedom is of utmost importance, and therefore, IISER Mohali is the best serve. The vision of IISER Mohali is to see a new generation of scientists who are devoted to the pursuit of knowledge in the areas of science and technology. The institute develops upon the basic tenets of science education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels which nurtures an intellectually vibrant academic environment. The mission of IISER is to evolve as a global centre of learning, academic excellence, and innovative research.

Academic Performance

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranked IISER-Mohali, 59 overall in the year 2020. IISER Mohali welcomes a broad spectrum of disciplines, cutting across disciplinary boundaries that promote diversity. The institute enables students with a platform for interdisciplinary research, which not only gives them a multi-dimensional perspective but also helps them keep in view the sociological relevance of science education and research.

Courses offered by IISER Mohali are rooted in the basic sciences, entirely with a strong focus on the interdisciplinary nature of sciences. Broad areas of academic programs are Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Academic programs at the doctoral level are also available in Earth and Environmental Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Further, the academic programs on offer at IISER Mohali can be categorized as follows:

  • BS-MS Dual Degree Program
  • Integrated Ph.D. program
  • Ph.D. Program

Research and Development

Research and Development have been a very emphasized area in IISER Mohali. Various research projects of the institutes have made it to the news highlights, and have been getting a lot of accolades. The main topic of interest for the research which has been there in the news lately is the topic of Covid-19, and Dr. Samrat Ghosh, a very reputed professor of the institution, has contributed to academic development in the topic.


IISER Mohali being the research institute, does not mainly offer placement options. A lot of students pursue a doctorate programme after getting the BS-MS degree, either from the institute itself or from other reputed institutes including the universities abroad. Various Research programmes enable the students to get an internship of their choice according to their own caliber.

Notable Alumni

Ms. Nishtha Agarwal, who went on to publish a paper named “Aqueous Au-Pd colloids to catalyze selective CH4 oxidation to CH3OH with O2 under mild conditions.” as the first author is a proud alumnus of IISER-Mohali.

Asif Iqbal, from the MS08 batch, is one of the many notable alumni who has been chosen for “Molekylspektroskopiprisen 2017” – The Danish Society for Molecular Spectroscopy’s prize for the best Ph.D. thesis evaluated in the period from January 1st, 2015 to March 1st, 2017. The prize consists of a certificate and 5000 DKK.

Some of the other alumni of IISER, Mohali are Mrinal Shekhar, Shalender Jain, Gaurav Kumar, Kapil Dave, Vinod Kumar, Deepansh Shrivastava, Mariyam Fatima, Deepak Varma, Karan Pratap Singh Yadav, Jyoti Saini, and InduVerma. They are all pursuing research in their respective fields of interest.
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