IIIT is one of the Indian Institutes of Information Technology, formed by Public-Private Partnership in our country. The institution was set up with the objective of making available facilities for education, training, and research in different fields of Information Technology. Their main aim is to address the challenges faced by the IT industry in the country and the growth of the Indian IT market. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), intends to establish twenty Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT), on a Non-profit Public-Private Partnership(N-PPP) basis. The IIITs were set up in partnership with the MHRD-Ministry of Human Resource Development, the State Governments where each IIIT will be established, and the industry. Parallelly INDIAN INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY BHOPAL (IIIT-Bhopal) is a newly established EducationalInstitute by the MHRD, Government of India and few manufacturing partners as Non-profit Public-Private Partnership (N-PPP) Institution. 

Academic Performance

IIIT aims at producing strong research programmes in an abundance in areas where IT shall provide a common link with great emphasis on the development of technology and its application. IIIT, Bhopal is supposed to produce an environment in which new scholarships, research, and ideas thrive, from which the IT-entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders of the future emerge. The Classes in IIIT Bhopal are conducted at the New Teaching Block of MANIT – Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. The academic and other facilities of the Maulana Azad Institute in Bhopal are shared with the students of IIIT Bhopal as per availability and requirements, as of now.

IIIT Bhopal started its operations with three Bachelor of Technology degree programmes with the following respective capacities.

  • Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering with 75 seats
  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering with 75 seats
  • Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology with 75 seats

Training and Placement

Under the mentorship of MANIT Bhopal, B.Tech. Programmes of IIIT Bhopal are one of the best technical degree programmes being carried out all over the country. The first batch of B.Tech. students who are to graduate in the year 2021 is the process of getting groomed for taking up the job opportunities available in the markets. The modern curriculum of IIIT Bhopal adhering to the demands of the future is designed to enable its students to transform into technical and professional experts capable of carrying out highly responsible roles in the fields of information and communication engineering. It is understood that the organizations in need of skillful and competent fresh engineering graduates will find the students of IIIT Bhopal a valuable addition to their workforce. 

The training and placement cell of IIIT Bhopal consists of faculties and 16 student coordinators. The team works round the clock and is dedicated to providing the students with a stepping stone into the corporate sector. At the same time, provide hard-working, technically proficient, astute, and intelligent minds to the hiring companies, so that, the graduates and the organizations both, can achieve great heights and excel well in their respective fields. The training and placement cell is trying its best to maintain long-lasting relationships with the corporates.