The Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) was established in the year 1949. This institute is a research institution which mainly focuses on basic research and training in the science field of physical and biophysical. The institution was named after the famous Indian Physicist and its founder Meghnad Saha. It is affiliated with the Homi Bhabha National Institute, Department of Atomic energy. This institute is situated in Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. Its main motto is “Advancement of Knowledge”.

Academic Performance

The faculty members of the institute have won various awards over the years such as “S. Ramachandran – National Bioscience Award for Career Development – 2019” by the Department of Biotechnology to Dr. Chandrima Das, “Humboldt research award” to the director of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics for his exceptional achievements from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, “Material Research Society of India (MRSI) Medal”, etc. SINP, Kolkata offers two Ph.D. programs which include a pre-Ph.D. course called Post M.Sc. and two undergraduate associateship programs, and two summer programs. Students in SINP are admitted to Post M.Sc. courses as Junior Research Fellows. This institute has various colleges in the subjects of Physics and Biophysical Science and other Undergraduate Associateship Programmes and Summer Student Programmes.


The Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) is said to be one of the best and leading autonomous institutions in India. This institute has a great faculty as well as various facilities. Various other institutions from around the country offer placement to this college. The placement is based on the merit and interview process of the students which is carried on by their staff in a healthy manner. Not just placements but also fellowships are offered. Everything is done in a professional manner. The average salary package starts at INR 45,000 per month.

Research and Development

The Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) offers a Summer Student Program (SSP) every year. This program is conducted under the supervision of a faculty/research staff. In this program, the students are encouraged to participate in research and development projects. This program is generally offered during the period of May to June for 8 weeks. The selection of students is done on the basis of their academic performance as well as their letters of recommendation. After that, the institute provides financial help and traveling expenses to the selected students. Not only that, the outstation students get hostel facilities as well.

Notable Alumni

There are various scientists and physicists that have been a part of SINP, Kolkata and some of them are as follows:

  • Debades Bandyopadhyay, Researcher
  • Anirban Chakraborti, Researcher and Associate professor at the Quantitative Finance Group, Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Debi Prasad Datta, Researcher, and Assistant professor
  • Nupur Biswas, Researcher
  • Uttam Kumar Basak, Researcher
  • Mithun Sinha, Researcher
  • PalokAich, Researcher and Associate professor
  • Rana Nandi, Researcher
  • Santanu Maiti, Physicist
  • Rajendra Prasad Giri, Researcher, and Professor
  • Abhee Kanti Dutt Mazumder, Indian physicist, and Professor
  • Mili Das, Researcher
  • Dulal Senapati, Researcher
  • Avik Basu, Researcher
  • Dhrubajyoti Gupta, Researcher