Indian Institute of Chemical Biology which is abbreviated as IICB was established in the year 1935 and it is an autonomous biomedical research centre in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. CSIR-IICB is affiliated to The Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) and the operating agency of this research centre is the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research. Initially, it was established as the Indian Institute of Experimental Medicine, and in the year 1956 it was inducted under the sponsorship of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, and then in 1982, it was renamed to its present form.

The CSIR – IICB scientific staff have expertise in various areas of science and technology including biochemistry, chemistry, cell biology, neurobiology, cell biology and immunology which indorses productive interdisciplinary interaction. CSIR-IICB is believed to have one of the major laboratories in India and is known to have initiated multidisciplinary concerted efforts for conducting research on infectious diseases such as cholera and leishmaniasis as well as the development of technologies for chemotherapy, monoprophylaxis, and diagnosis of the diseases. CSIR-IICB has gained global recognition in the last 50 years for research on diseases, biological problems of global interest, and rapid & unprecedented momentum in life science research.

Academic Performance

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata has great opportunities to offer to enthusiastic students that want to pursue a research career in Biological and Chemical Science which shall lead to a Ph.D. award. The duration of this programme is of 5 years. CSIR-IICB aims to generate intellectual and trained human resources in different fields of Chemistry and Biology. Research Activities for the students in IICB are in areas of Cell Biology & Physiology, Molecular Genetics, Structural Biology & Bioinformatics, Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder, Infectious Diseases & Immunology, and Organic & Medicinal Chemistry. The students who are interested to pursue any of these research activities need to join Junior Research Fellow (JRF), Senior Project Fellow (SRF), Junior Research Fellow (JRF-GATE), or the Project Fellow.

Research and Development 

The research and development cell of CSIR-IICB is actively engaged in basic and applied researches. There are various contract-based projects which are done by this research centre including Grant-in-Aid, Sponsored, Collaborative, and also Consultancy. CSIR-IICB also carries out analysis and testing of select samples for several academic institutions, as well as industries. This research centre has various International and National research and development projects and various collaborative interactions with Academic and Industrial Institutions.

Major activities that the research and development cell of the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology indulges in are cooperated with industries and other research and development institutions, licensing and transferring of in-house technologies, assistance for technical services, business and partnership consultancy, utilization of in-house knowledge base and expertise base technologies. The laboratory also plays an essential role in Human Resource Development by training students of postgraduation and Ph.D.

CSIR-IICB has an extensive patent portfolio, high impact publications, and technology transfers and also since the entrance of India in WTO regime, IICB benefited CSIR by securing Intellectual Property Rights so that according to the needs of the common people of the country, researches, analysis, and testing of samples can be extended as per requirement.
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