CSIR-CIMAP – Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants originally established as Central Indian Medicinal Plants Organization, or CIMPO in 1959, is directing high-quality interdisciplinary research in chemical and biological sciences. CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants is one of the institutions of research that functions under the guidelines of CSIR-Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. CIMAP is engaged in the field of science-cum-business of the medicinal and aromatic plants. The mission of the Central Indian Medicinal Plants Organization was to allow the farmers and the farming entrepreneurs to use technologies. The headquarters of the research centre is located at Lucknow. However, there are other research centres that are based in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pantnagarh, and Purara. The research centres of CIMAP are equally distributed across all the agro-climatic regions to accommodate multi-location trials of field and research. The central vision of the institute is to develop into a global hub for technical and professional knowledge and wisdom in agriculture.

Academic Performance

CIMAP is working hard to allow farmers or entrepreneurs to make the best use of their technologies and work for the betterment of society. Therefore, they focus on developing medicinal plant resources across the country and offer courses to the students who are willing to learn more about the agricultural sector. With over 50 plus years in this sector, CIMAP’s academic performance is termed incredible. There are over hundreds of lecturers who have the right knowledge and expertise to teach students on agriculture.

Coursed offered by CIMAP is equipping the nation with high-tech agriculture linked to industrial processing of MAPs-Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. CIMAP encompasses ultra-modern instrumentation facilities and state-of-art multidisciplinary laboratories. CIMAP also possesses scientific expertise in genetics and plant breeding, agriculture, molecular taxonomy, plant biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular and structural biology, microbiology, bioenergy, and chemical sciences. CIMAP is dedicated towards the development of herbal products.

Research and development

CIMAP is acknowledged as a Focal Point for South East Asia by the International Centre for Science and High Technology- United Nations Industrial Development Organization. CIMAP and the Bulgarian Academy of Science have a scientific collaboration for the Rose oil technology.

Placement highlights

With the increase in demand for medicinal plants, the market has immensely grown in the recent past. There has been a surge in marketing and coordination in this particular field. Getting the work done is becoming a tougher job for people without the right resources. The need for a human resource with proper information and knowledge in plants, particularly in medicinal and aromatic plants is on a rise. Therefore, many state government, central government, and private agencies are eager to hire the candidates to get the job done. These organizations keep coming to hire the pass outs from CIMAP.


Some of the alumni from this institution are Kamalesh Singh Mahar, Abha Meena, Dr. V.K.S. Tomar, Shilpi Singh, Om Prakash Dhawan, Arvind Singh Negi, Yogendra N.D., Pooja Mishra, Pooja Gaur, Trishna Chaturvedi, Vineet Kumar Rai, Ranjana, Suaib Luqman, Ajit Shasany, Dr. Surjeet Verma, Dr. Smita Singh, Tanya Biswas, Tripta Jhang, Ramesh K Srivastava, and Ram Swaroop Verma.