The Central Food Technological Research Institute Resource Centre under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research is located in the city of Lucknow in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It was established in the year of 2013. CSIR-CFTRI serves as a Resource Centre to the CFTRI Laboratory and its departments present in other parts of the country. CSIR-CFTRI Lucknow Resource Centre specializes in providing knowledge dissemination, research and innovation, technology transfer, and human resource development, etc. They are serving their clients from Lucknow in India. CFTRI-Lucknow has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers in this field. CSIR-CFTRI Resource Centre is listed in Trade India’s list of verified companies offering a wide array of scientific services. The mission of this research institute is designing and fabricating prototype food processing machinery and assisting the food industry through contract research, consulting, and various other technical support services. CFTRI has qualified for the ISO – International Standards Organization certification.

Academic Performance

CSIR has created opportunities for many food processing manufacturers and has broadly commercialized across the country efficiently. It intends to develop new improved procedures and methods to preserve and store traditional healthy foods. It also develops new food products across numerous categories like traditional foods, specialty foods, good foods, beverages, etc. It has numerous by-products, machinery, and packaging items. Students will get a good chance to learn and gather knowledge across all these things efficiently. Also, they will learn how to keep their surroundings environment-friendly when they are dealing with the food industry. The main focus areas of the Institute are technology development, engineering sciences, translational research, and food safety and protection. The courses offered by CSIR-CFTRI are M.Sc, Integrated M.Sc., Ph.D. programmes, and a Flour Milling Technology course.

Research and Development

Research and Development is the main focus area of CFTRI, which insinuates the spirit of progress in the research of technology. The institute is invested in various research projects in the fields of food technology. The basic research and development efforts are Biochemistry, Nutrition, Fermentation technology, Bioengineering, Flour milling, Baking, Food engineering, Vegetable Technology, Grain processing, Traditional foods, Fish processing, Plantation products, Flavour Technology, Protein Chemistry, Lipid Science, Fruit Technology, Food microbiology, Packaging, Poultry products, Food protectants, Food Safety, Quality Control and many more.

Placements highlights

The traditional strong spirits associated with the Research and Development work has paved the way to design various food-based technologies, and machinery or equipment for the production of traditional food items in bulk, along with developing many novel specialty foods. CFTRI developed infant food formula which was indigenous, and based on milk from buffalo in the 1950s was the first such product world-wide. The research work at CFTRI has been focused primarily on various aspects and special needs of babies ever since “Amul” got formulated at CFTRI. Candidates from CFTRI stand a good chance to join several industries dealing with the food sector.


Ananthakrishna S.M., Bansilal, Rita Devi, Ramanathan Ponnaiah, Priyanka Rathi, Aakriti, Anjali V., Pallavi Shriyam S., Ankita Kataria, Baghya Nisha, Muralidhar Karanam, Dangre Samarth Vidyadhar, Divya Goswami, Ginjala Varun Reddy, Himanshu, Ishita Roy, Karan, Kosana Anjani Chakradhar, Mohit Arora, Nancy Tyagi, Nivetha S., Pochineni Sahaja, Raghavender Singh, Rashmi, and Shahana S. S. are some of the esteemed alumni of CFTRI.