Educational Multimedia Research Centre, formerly an Audio Visual Centre, affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, is one of the seventeen media centres across the country. The institution had been established in the month of June in the year 1990, which eventually became operational in July 1992. EMRC-Indore is fully funded by UGC, New Delhi. It is identified that the institution has created over 1500 good quality UGC-CEC classrooms across the country.

Vision and Mission

The mission of the Educational Multimedia Research Centre is to generate, preserve, and disseminate knowledge. The Centre also aims at preparing the follow-up generation by providing diverse learning environments regarding thinking media professionals.

Academic Performance 

Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Indore, consists of several departments within itself. The list of departments includes Education, Media Research, Media Production, and Broadcast. It is found that the Educational Multimedia Research Centre had received 33 national awards by producing more than 1500 good quality Educational Television Programs, which is related to UGC-CEC across the globe. Faculties of the concerned institution have deliberately guided their students and completed about 350 research projects of the national – Master’s as well as Ph. D. level, in order to achieve a good academic performance. Furthermore, EMRC is also known to have developed over 500 e-content LORs and multimedia modules.

Research and Development 

Research and development are at the core of the Education Multimedia Research Centre. Every year at least ten workshops are conducted by EMRC on ‘Research Methodology’ as well as SPSS, for serving the M.Phil., P.G., and Ph.D. students from various departments. EMRC can be found to exercise qualitative as well as quantitative research as a core practice. The concerned institution also performs multimedia and e-content development.

Placement Highlights

A wide variety of placement opportunities are offered by EMRC at different levels. The Centre is found to support its student in order to make them achieve progression. Various job opportunities that EMRC offers include different positions with television production houses, e-content production companies, and FM radio, in Broadcast Journalism, and many more.

Notable alumni

Educational Multimedia Research Centre is acknowledged as a centre of brilliance. It has been seen that students are always motivated in order to participate in the integrated activities of Media Education, Research, and Production. This concerned Centre has always offered a wide variety of career opportunities to its students. Some of which are as follows.

  • Mr. Narayan Patidar, who passed out of EMRC in 2004, is now a lecturer at EMRC, proving that he is now representing the Centre in order to provide great career opportunities to other students.
  • Mr. Mustafa Chawaniwala, who also passed out in the batch of 2004 from EMRC, has now established himself as a production manager.
  • Ms. Sonal Kakkar, who passed out of EMRC in the year 2005, is now a successful creative director at a renowned T.V. channel in the country – Colors TV.
  • Ms. Sneha Singh, a 2008 EMRC pass-out, has built a successful career as a producer of one of India’s most renowned news channel – Zee News.