Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya or DAVV is seen as the State University of Madhya Pradesh, India, which was established in the year 1964. DAVV was formerly recognized as the University of Indore, which was set up by an Act of Legislature of Madhya Pradesh. The concerned university is a well-known educational centre among all the universities, which is found to hold the pride of the state. DAVV is considered one of the best universities across the state.

Vision and Mission

The vision of DAVV is to become a leading higher educational centre by creating, developing, and spreading knowledge with cooperative wisdom to achieve a peaceful, humane, and sustainable society.

The mission of DAVV is to educate and empower the students to make them realize their own potential through the virtuous combination of knowledge, values, and skills to serve the society.

The concerned university is working towards making the vision and mission come true through various aspects, which includes achieving excellence in teaching, extension and research for world-class competencies, and promoting multi-disciplinary researches.

Academic Performance

As seen from various researches, it can be identified that the concerned university consists of two different campuses, Takshshila and Nalanda, in order to serve administrative as well as academic purposes. There are 29 teaching departments in DAVV, which offer 195 postgraduate, undergraduate, and research programs in the various departments of 16 different faculties. It can be found that the concerned university has 10,500 regular students as well as 1,200 students operating in distance mode, and approximately 1.7 lakh students are enrolled under 290 affiliated colleges. DAVV offers seven hostels for boys and girls, along with two guest houses, and a residential colony for the staff and faculty members.

Research and Development 

It is seen from various researches that the university has a ”Research and Consultancy policy” that tends to focus on the promotion of impactful policy researches, which is institutionally sponsored. Seven different teaching departments can be identified, which are seen to be supported under several phases of UGC-SAP – two are under DST-FIST and three departments are banded together into CPEP of UGC. It has been identified by the State Government that DAVV has nine departments as the “Centres of Excellence”, so as to receive financial support under the World Bank Project.

Placement Highlights

Various opportunities are offered by DAVV, Indore, in order to support the students, as well as to achieve progression. Several scholarships are given by the concerned university to more than 2000 students. Moreover, more than 70% of willing students are benefited from the placement cell to get job offers, and, every year more than 5000 students have been getting benefits from career counselling. DAVV has an impressive placement of students as well as an interface with some operational MoUs with the industry partners.

Notable alumni

There have been many successful alumni in the history of Devi AhilyaViswavidyalaya. Some of the prominent alumni of the institution are mentioned below.

General Manoj Mukund Naravane, a four-star general of the Indian Army, also the 28th Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), has an M.Phil, in Defence and Management studies from DAVV.

Tulsi Ram Silawat, a cabinet minister in the Madhya Pradesh State Government, a former member of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, studied M.A. LLB. at DAVV.

Sumitra Mahajan, who could be identified as the speaker of Lok Sabha from 2014 to 2019 also received her M.A. LLB. from Indore University, now DAVV.