St. Xavier’s College-Jaipur’s origins can be traced to the Jaipur Xavier Educational Association or JXEA, a traditional Christian Education trust working since 1950, who laid the foundation of the college alongside the Xavier Alumni. As an institution, St. Xavier’s Jaipur has some salient features such as its co-ed nature, self-financed mechanism, and its affiliation to the University of Rajasthan as a Catholic minority institution. The institute offers a variety of undergraduate degrees in disciplines ranging from Arts, Management, Computer Science, and Commerce. All this is possible due to its able maintenance undertaken by the members of Delhi Province of the Society of Jesus who was instrumental in establishing it as an institute of repute in its formative years. One of the features that stands out about St. Xavier’s is its all-inclusive nature echoed in its mission statement of reaching out to all without any discrimination on grounds of caste or creed despite being run by a Catholic minority community. St Xavier’s academic mission is to foster radical reformation of the society via educational enlightenment. It is in this mission that St. Xavier’s finds itself at crossroads as it is situated in a traditional city largely aversive to socio-cultural change.


As mentioned earlier, St. Xavier’s came into being and still goes strong due to its strong affiliation with the University of Rajasthan. It was the latter that laid the foundation for the pedagogy and prioritized disciplines as mentioned earlier such as Arts, Commerce, Management, and Computer Science as the institute’s most important offerings. Affiliated to the University of Rajasthan, this college offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in English Literature, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, B.com., BBA and BCA, as well as add on courses and certificate programmes.


Evident of its academic prowess is the release of “Inquest”, a compilation of phenomenal undergraduate research projects by the Xavier Research Projects Committee. These projects were the manifestation of the youthful ingenuity of the undergraduate students of 2018-19 under the able tutelage of distinguished faculties of the institution. This book will serve as an able guide for future students to explore the chartered territories of their seniors as well as a retrospect to further hone essential skills of the students including critical thinking, astute problem solving, and effective team building and cooperation. In these myriad ways, this book will serve as an invaluable asset to the student affairs knowledge base facilitating and encouraging further research in the near future. Thus, Inquest is a true testament to the incredible innovation and resourcefulness of the students whose efforts have resulted in its creation.
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