Started in 1944 in the princely State of Hyderabad as one of the earliest National Labs under the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), The CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT) during its long-term venture has made its imprint as an active, vigorous and creative R&D association. This lab is one of the most trustworthy havens of chemical and biotech ventures in India. The notoriety that CSIR-IICT could set up among the modern customers as a trustworthy R&D accomplice, can be to a great extent credited to its top-notch pool of researchers with skill in a variety of research areas and basic and powerful business improvement methodologies.


The vision of this organization to help mankind by making exceptional information support in chemistry as well as chemical science.


The mission of CSIR-IICT is to aim for in-depth information research in chemistry so that the apprehensions of the nation can be met with new and advanced technologies.

The objective is to associate with the industry to promote cost-effective methods/technologies and help entrepreneurship by making an environment to help start-ups and create income revenues from this to maintain the self-reliance purpose of CSIR.

Having International existence, it started when the princely state of Hyderabad was wanting to build a Research Centre. An initial phase toward making applied research was taken by Hyderabad State in 1920 at the same time during which the Industrial Lab was started by the Government. Its job included ‘logical assistance and counsel, expository administrations, and examinations and research on industrial issues.

The regions of examination on research facility escalated in the 1940s. CSIR added the suffix ‘CSIR’ to all its labs during 2010-2011 to guarantee better acknowledgment and permeability. Consequently, IICT is currently mentioned as CSIR-IICT. Dr. Ahmed Kamal acquired the post of Acting Director in August 2012 when Dr. J.S. Yadav retired. Dr. M Lakshmi Kantam who turned into the primary lady Director of a CSIR lab in the whole seven long-term histories of CSIR, on April 9, 2013, acquired the post of Director of CSIR-IICT. With the current spotlight on creating green cycles applicable to the Industry, a few innovation moves are in the pipeline. CSIR-IICT is praising the Seven Decade Service to the Nation in August 2014.

Notable Alumni

Shantanu Chowdhury, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize Awardee, a structural biologist and a professor at Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, popular for developing a mechanism for gene regulation mediated by DNA Secondary-Structure in diverse cellular contexts, earned his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad in 1998. Praveen Kumar Gorakavi, Forbes 30 under 30 – Asia – Healthcare & Science 2019 honoree, a child prodigy in science and engineering, recognized for designing a low-cost artificial leg with knee and ankle movement at 15, dropped out of the Ph.D. program from the IICT to pursue innovation at his co-founded socially conscious R&I initiative “The Phi Factory”, which develops one social innovation for every three commercial technologies developed by them. The Phi Factory has gone on to generate $4 million in sales for developing technologies in partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies, government departments, and reputed research institutes.