IIT Hyderabad is established on the grounds of research and innovation. The number of patents and publications shows its active and vigorous research practice. Under the guidance of highly knowledgeable faculty advisors, students are provided with plenty of options to choose from. IITH in recent years has been exceptionally effective in building tie-ups with prominent scholarly organizations around the world. The ecological community of IIT Hyderabad (IITH) as far as staff skills, courses, research ventures, international conferences, transient courses being provided make it a perfect host for top-notch Institutes.


The mission of IIT Hyderabad is to be perceived as pioneers in advanced education and research and to create a human force with innovativeness, technological innovation, and energy for the improvement of the nation and mankind.

Academic Performance

IIT Hyderabad, instituted by the Govt. of India offers B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Sc, M.Phil, M.Des, and Ph.D. programs in the areas of Engineering, Science, Liberal Studies, and Design.

IITH appreciates an extraordinary relationship with Japanese Universities and Industries that goes beyond scholastic and joint efforts in the areas of research. Truth be told, a portion of the exemplary structures in IITH conveys the mark of Japanese design. IITH is making an extraordinary all-encompassing instructive biological system that offers intelligent learning, a profoundly, adaptable scholastic structure, bleeding-edge research, solid industry joint effort, and business. It is giving a domain wherein students and staff members are not hesitant to make their dreams come into existence.

Research and Development

This Institute is a pioneer in 5G technologies and innovations. As a matter of course, Prof. Kiran Kuchi’s research team has largely contributed to the 5G standard by placing India’s first guidelines basic patent (SEP) before the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards body.

IIT Hyderabad has placed itself to turn into a pioneer in the area of Artificial Intelligence by presenting solid teaching and research programs by offering undergraduate, graduate, and research degree programs in Artificial Intelligence. A distinct group of highly knowledgeable staff members from different fields of Engineering, Science, and Human Sciences administer leading-edge research in the center and applied territories of AI.

The other areas of research include bio-inspired processes and systems, sensors and devices, integrated computational engineering, Nano-X, climate change, energy, healthcare, and others.

Notable Alumni

P V Sreenivasa Reddy, Ravi Gujjula, Himanshu Gaur, SharanyaSankar, Srinivas Anga are the notable researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. Bhanu Prakasa Rao Metla, a scientist in ONGC, India, is a B.Sc. in Chemistry from IIT Hyderabad. SaswatiGharami, a KVPY scholar and 67th Ranked CSIR-LS completed her M.Sc. from IIT Hyderabad in 2014. Soumya Radhakrishnan, a 42nd ranked CSIR-LS awardee, pursuing her Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry at Ruhr-University of Bochum in Germany completed her M.Sc. from IIT Hyderabad in 2013. Prasenjit Das, a CSIR-LS awardee, currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Metal-Organic Frameworks at IISER Bhopal passed his M.Sc. in 2013 from IIT Hyderabad. Arruri Sathyanarayana, a post-doc fellow at Ritsumeikan University in Japan is an M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from IIT Hyderabad. Some of the other alumni of IIT, Hyderabad are Sunham Ojha having worked on Highly Fluorescent N-Anthracene Benzimidazole, and Parkhi Sharma; Yellow Emitting N-Acridine Benzimidazole Through Aggregation Induced Emission.