Erected in 1998 by the Statute of Andhra Pradesh, the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research a.k.a. NALSAR has been the abode of several noteworthy conversations pertaining to law and justice which find expression in courts, corporations, education, and administration. Yielding the power of law, NALSAR has been at the forefront in its support for crusades for land rights, disability empowerment, and vocal in its stern opposition to moral policing and hate speech. NALSAR is firm in its belief in using an ethical legal culture to protect and preserve the rule of the law. The university is also committed to its social responsibility as it believes that a sustainable society governed by the rule of law is a continuous endeavor, ideally undertaken in good spirits.

In the future, NALSAR’s plan is simple: introspect and improve.

Academic Performance

The University gives legitimate education at all levels and grants degrees or diplomas to effective applicants. The undergrad, postgraduate and doctoral projects have been intended to empower understudies, contingent upon their tendency, to either decide on specializations or between disciplinary broadness.

Students are admitted to NALSAR from all over the country through CLAT, and faculty is appointed from home and abroad. NALSAR is counted among the top law institutions in the country. They are proud of the position but do not see that to be defining them. Students and administration revel in laughing at themselves and others. Humour, both black and genial will be found aplenty at NALSAR.

An abode to some of the best legal talent in the making, NALSAR is one of the top law colleges in the nation. However, it doesn’t overtly pride itself on such laurels. Its students and faculty alike engage in a rich vein of good humor pervading through the campus at all times. The university believes in imparting knowledge through the route of interdisciplinary delivery combining disciplines of law, social sciences, humanities, and management studies in its various undergraduate and graduate programs.

NALSAR is built on the firm belief that true education is delivered when the lectures are backed by theoretical and empirical research thus leading to a symbiotic relationship between the two. Over the years, the University has consistently strived for a vibrant environment in its scholarly culture.

Notable Alumni

Shivani Chopra, Employment and Litigation Lawyer with Hicks Morley, Canada graduated from the first batch of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad in 2003. Ishana Tripathi, a legal practitioner on Policy Law, had graduated from NALSAR in 2011 and joined AZB immediately, now works for Tier-I firms, and has got diverse experience in her field. Karthik Somasundram, a partner at KLaw who graduated from NALSAR with the batch of 2004, currently heads Disputes practice at KLaw’s Mumbai office. Debarupa Agarwala, a dual-qualified lawyer in UK and INDIA, a Senior Associate with HSA Advocates, did her Law studies at NALSAR, Hyderabad, and graduated in 2007. Paushali De Roy graduated from NALSAR, Hyderabad in 2011, and bagged a campus recruitment offer from Ernst & Young. Sudeshna Chatterjee, Legal Head-Asia for Aggreko graduated from NALSAR in 2005. Ketan Mukhija, Senior VP at SREI, graduated from NALSAR in 2007. Abdaal Akhtar, after having graduated from NALSAR in 2013 and worked with ITC, Calcutta, went on to pursue Indian Administrative Services by clearing the UPSC exam.