Azim Premji University was established in Karnataka under the Azim Premji University Act of 2010. Elementary education was one of the earlier ideologies of the foundation which was crucial in those times.  The University was established in order to address the various constraints that were present in and around the society, where elementary education was not even introduced. The foundation then laid a path that is now followed by many in delivering elementary education without losing its quality restrains throughout society.

Academic Performance

The University is having around 5 postgraduate programmes: M.A. Public Policy & Governance, M.A. Development, LL.M., M.A. Economics and M.A. Education.

The university also offers various residential Undergraduate program. The3 year-full-time, residential Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in the specialization such as mathematics, humanities, physics or biology and economics.

Apart from that the university is also offering, a 4-year, residential, full-time, dual-degree program that awards a B.Sc. B.Ed. Degree. This program prepares the candidates to gain in-depth disciplinary knowledge in the areas of Sciences as well as a practical and professional degree in Education as well.

Azim Premji University is dedicated in creating various types of professional development opportunities for teacher educators, teachers, development practitioners and government functionaries. The institution also offers short-term courses in domains of livelihoods, education, sustainability etc.

Research & Development

The primary focus of researches at Azim Premji University is directly relevant to the work we are engaged. In a broader sense, the issues that have social relevance and have a major impact. Collaborative researches among various faculty members as well as between faculty and the members in the other Field Institutes of the Foundation and between many organizations is an essential strategy of their work.

The Research Center at APUis responsible for coordinating all of the research work of faculty of the University and all other members. In addition to this, the center works on establishing internal processes related to ethics frameworks, proposal building, archiving AND dissemination, approval etc. The center provides support to conduct capacity enhancement workshops, to host research events and conferences and to get the data analysis done as well.

Notable Alumni

Neha Joshi, M.A. in Development from the 2014 batch is working with Pradhan. Shriharsh Chandak, Associate Product Manager, R&D Dept., Science Education with Next Education is an M.A. in Education from batch 2014. Shashwant Kant Pandey, an M.A. in Education from 2011 batch is a Development Associate with InMotion. Shabeer M.K., Program Leader with Mumbai’s Kaivalya Education Foundation is an M.A. Education graduate from batch 2014-16.
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