The National Centre for Biological Sciences or NCBS is a notable section of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research that was established in Bangalore. Being a leading research institute, NCBS provides all the essential resources required for a research scientist. Research interests of their faculty are concentrated in the field of Biology. The institute is powered with all the modern state of the art equipment that is necessary for advanced studies as well. The institute got prominent researchers and faculties who are capable of taking the entire program forward in a much more successful manner.

Academic Performance

NCBS is a platform for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, offering Ph.D. and Integrated Ph.D. degree programs. M.Sc. in Wildlife & Conservation is also provided by NCBS and the Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS). It is required to have a Masters in any Basic Science discipline or a basic degree in any applied science such as Medicine, Engineering etc. to get admitted for a Ph.D. program. The integrated Ph.D. program demands an excellent academic record at the B.Sc. level and determination to undertake research.

The programs at NCBS promote interdisciplinary research. A student having prominent knowledge in Physical Sciences is well contributed with all resources by NCBS through its Integrated Biology (iBio) program.

Research & Development

The mandate of NCBS is to pursue basic research in the frontier areas of Biology. Experimental and computational approaches are used in the study of molecules, cells and organisms.  Research at NCBS extends across a wide range of subjects in the areas of modern biology ranging from atomic to population-level studies. Apart from the insights into biological processes, chemical ecology is also capable of delivering ecology-based applications for agricultural, manufacturing as well as medical industries, such as protecting the possible crops from pests infection and preventing the spread of the disease affecting crops from various pests and thus preventing the spread of disease.

The Lipid Center was established in order to accomplish collaborative research activity between scientists at NCBS as well as the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden-Germany in analyzing the function of lipids and specific chemical components of every living cells.

Notable Alumni

Ajai Vyas, the Indian Biologist with 5,115 Citations and 22 h-index specializing in Extended Phenotypes, Toxoplasma, Behavioral Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience and Life-history is an alumnus of NCBS. Varun Varma, a researcher with the University of Exeter with a research interest in Ecology and Food Security has been with National Centre for Biological Sciences from 2009 to 2016. Sachin S.Deshmukh (1996-2003), Adil G. Khan(2003-2011), Rohit Joshi (1998-2004), Santosh Kumar (2004-2010), Aditya Joshi (2008-2010), Neha Vyas (2004-09), Gourav Goyal (2004-2010), Souvik Modi (2005-2011), Abhijit Das (2005-2012), Tarun Nair (2008-2010), Arjun Srivastava (2010-2012), Ishita Mutt (2009-2014), Radhika S. Joshi (2009-2017) are some of the notable researchers from NCBS. Dhiraj Bhatia, the Charpak Fellow and HFSP long-term post-doctoral fellow graduated from National Centre for Biological Sciences in the year 2013.