The National Institute of Epidemiology by the Indian Council of Medical Research is a medical research organization in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. NIE conducts various research including interventional studies, disease modeling as well as health systems, conducts epidemiological investigations and clinical trials of the traditional remedies.

National Institute of Epidemiologygot into existence on July 2nd, 1999 by converging the Central JALMA Institute for Leprosywith the Institute for Research in Medical Statistics. The broad objectives of this Institute spread across the Development of human resources in the area of epidemiology as well as bio-statistics also Networking of the various ICMR and non-ICMR Institutes at the national level for various epidemiological purposes and its Consultancy.

Academic Performance

NIE has been conducting MPH (Epidemiology and Health Systems) program of the Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology. From July 2011 onwards, NIE has been conducting MPH program designed by the integration of MAE and MPH, in order to build upon the strengths of the two programs.The  MPH program is primarily designed to introduce the students to the principles of public health, with a keen emphasis on public health and its practices in India.

The Institute is also accredited by the University of Madras for research leading to Ph.D. degrees in the areas of epidemiology and bio-statistics. The ICMR School of public health offers various programs like MSc Bio-Statistics, India Epidemic Intelligence Service, Field Epidemiology Training etc. Highly motivated candidates with the best academic credentials and extreme desire to pursue research in the area of epidemiological science are always welcomed for the Ph.D. program in the Epidemiology Department at this institute

Research & Development

Department of Health Research of Govt. of India, based in Chennai is ICMR’s highlighted organization that focuses duly on training as well as research in epidemiology and the public health. The ICMR-NIE co-ordinates epidemiological studies on incommunicable, non-communicable diseases and health systems research. It has extensive collaborative partnerships with various national as well as international institutes and reputed agencies. ICMR-NIE is a center for leprosy research and epidemiology, collaborated by WHO. ICMR-NIE has the focus to support the entire capacity building in this area and develop the sciences of epidemiology under the auspices of ICMR School of Public Health.
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