Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai was established in the year of 2009. It is an institute of higher education in Mumbai that offers various courses in Forensic Sciences. It is the only institute under Mumbai University that offers this level of programs in these fields. There are various departments such as Forensic Science, Digital & Cyber, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Physics and Law.

Academic Performance

The institute offers a B.Sc. degree in forensic science as well as a Master of Forensic Science, which is of two years. The second-year is specialization in various branches of forensics. They also offer a post-graduate diploma program in forensic science and related law, as well as a postgraduate diploma in digital and cyber forensic and related law. Institute of Forensic Science Mumbai is housed on the grounds of the Institute of Science, a premium institute for postgraduate teaching and research.