National Power Training Institute (Nagpur)

Gopal Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India - 440022

Academic Excellence

In the field of power sectors, National Power Training Institute (NPTI) occupies an enviable position. This is a National Apex body for Training and Human Resources Development in Power Sector with its Corporate Office at Faridabad. NPTI has trained over 3,20,000 Power Professionals in regular Programs over the last 5 decades. NPTI is the world's leading integrated power training institute. It is the only institute of its kind in the world with a wide geographical spread and covering a wide gamut of academic and training programs in Power Sector.

Training provided by NPTI on Generation Simulators has improved Plant Load Factor of Generating Units, has increased the availability of Transmission & Distribution Systems and has decreased Aggregate Technical & Commercial Losses. This in turn is providing more power to the country.


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National Power Training Institute, Nagpur# 83


To leverage its core competency of intellectual capital for catering to the growing needs of Power and Energy sectors.


To be the Global Centre of Excellence for Training and Skill Development in Power and Energy Sectors.
Mission  Enhancing human and organizational excellence in Power and Energy sectors by blending frontier clean energy technologies to achieve economy and energy security.

Core Value

We value our drive and commitment to provide cutting edge technologies and top quality service to our clients, sharing our knowledge and caring for their needs.


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