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The Faculty of Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, is one of the top 40 public Business Schools in India, and is located in New Delhi. It has three Departments (Management Studies, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Hospital Management & Hospice Studies), with hundreds of students enrolled in its MBA degree programs.

The Department of Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, offers four main courses, all at postgraduate level. The oldest is the full time MBA, which was established more than two decades ago; it adheres to the UGC curriculum for general PGDM courses, with specializations in Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. The MBA (International Business) degree equips students with knowledge and practical training in areas of global business importance like logistics and supply chain management. The MBA (Entrepreneurship and Family Business) is aimed at helping first and second generation entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Finally, the Executive MBA is a part time course, designed to help busy working professionals take the next step in their professional journey without taking a career break.

Placement Activities at JMI FMS are organized throughout the year, from talks by top industry CEOs, to internships in various Finance, HR, and Marketing Departments, to the final placement season itself. Some of the most prominent recruiters include HDFC Bank, Zomato, Delhivery, Honda, ITC Limited, and Byju’s.


Establishment Year2022 (3 constituent Departments started in 2003-04)
Ownership TypePublic
Total Students1210
Campus SizeN/A
Total Number of Campuses1
University Websitehttps://www.jmi.ac.in/fms and https://jmi.ac.in/management 
Number of Courses

4 (MBA, MBA - IB, MBA - Family Business, Executive MBA) + PhD - in the Department of Management Studies

12 overall

Total Faculty Size16 (+ 17 Visiting Faculty members)
Highest Placement PackageN/A
Top RecruitersZomato, Eicher, ITC, Honda, TCS, Swiggy, Axis Bank
Student to Faculty Ratio18:1
Total number of Hostels17 (in Jamia Millia Islamia as a whole)
College EventsInternational Conference on Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses, Aalen (Management Festival)


The tuition fee varies for different programs within the Faculty of Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia:

  • MBA (full time): INR 23,500 per semester.
  • MBA (part time; executive): INR 23,500 for odd semester, INR 34,980 for even semester.
  • MBA (International Business): INR 23,500 for odd semester, INR 10,120 for even semester.
  • MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship): INR 23,500 for odd semester, INR 41,600 for even semester.
  • MBA (Healthcare and Hospital Management): INR 1,05,000 per semester.
  • MBA (Pharmaceutical Management): INR 29,000 per semester (INR 1,05,000 for self financed candidates).
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management: INR 30,185 per semester.
  • Placement Brochure Fee (applicable to students of all programs listed above): INR 1,500 (one time, not refundable).

In addition to tuition fees, students of the Faculty of Management Studies, JMI, must also budget for living costs. Most students choose to stay in one of the hostels on campus; indicative fees per semester are approximately INR 15,000 each for hostel rent and mess fees, for a total of INR 60,000 per year. Out of this amount, INR 2,500 per semester is earmarked towards a caution security deposit, and is refundable. This fee also includes contributions to sports facilities and the Students’ Welfare Fund, and therefore covers everything except for academic infrastructure (e.g. laptops and textbooks).


There are three steps in the admission process to any of the full time MBA programs at Jamia Millia Islamia: entrance examination, group discussion, and personal interview. All applicants must appear for the JMI Entrance Examination, whose syllabus includes all the main sections present in other aptitude tests: quantitative computation, logical reasoning, data interpretation, and verbal aptitude in English. Students who appear in the merit list after the entrance examination are invited to the campus for a GD round, after which the final set of candidates must qualify through the Personal Interview round to receive a seat in the MBA program at Jamia Millia Islamia.

The seat allocation and counseling process after the JMI Entrance Examination is extremely long, and up to four lists are released, with candidates confirming offers after every round. Students who accept offers must present their original documents for verification by the authorities of the JMI Controller of Examinations.


JMI FMS’ status as one of the top MBA colleges in India ensures that the list of placement recruiters contains all the top corporate entities in India. Some of the top companies taking part in on campus placements are S&P Global, Blue Star Infotech, ITC Limited, Zomato, Swiggy, Honda, Hindustan Times, HDFC Bank, and Bajaj Allianz.

Preparations for the placement season are handled by the Career Cell, which organizes internships and industry interactions with top CEOs (including those of LG Electronics, ITC Limited, Nokia Solutions & Networks, and HDFC AMC) to make sure that students are fully informed about what to expect during their professional stints. 


There is no predetermined cut-off for the JMI entrance examination; each of the 3-5 rounds of counseling has a cut-off decided after all the choice lists are filled, which is just the overall score of the last person to be allotted a seat in each MBA program. The cut-off may be lowered if any candidates choose to reject their seat; in such cases, waitlisted applicants are moved up in the priority order. There are also no cut-off marks prescribed for students based on their un

te academic aggregate; anyone who achieves a score above the minimum threshold can appear for the JMI entrance test to study MBA at Jamia Millia Islamia.

Faculty & Alumni

The Department of Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, is home to 16 Faculty Members, of whom 70% are PhD degree holders. An unusually high percentage (10 out of 16, or 62.5%) are full Professors, with one Associate Professor and five Assistant Professors. The other two Departments within the Faculty have similarly qualified and tenured Faculty members, ensuring that students are exposed to current industry trends and mentored during the placement process.

The Alumni Association of Jamia Millia Islamia is the parent organization with which graduates of the MBA programs are registered. The main goals of the alumni events and engagement are interactions between current students and recent graduates for the purpose of knowledge transfer and skills training, in addition to funding for priority student projects, to ensure that all residents of the JMI campus have the best access to facilities and academic infrastructure.


There are three categories of financial assistance options for students of FMS, Jamia Millia Islamia: education loans, scholarships awarded by Indian entities, and international Government scholarships; similar to the process followed in the best MBA colleges in India. A few prominent funding options specifically for MBA students are as follows:

1. Smt. Shyam Lata Garg Scholarship Program: This is a merit-cum-means scholarship, earmarked for students with a UG CGPA above 7.5, and a family income below INR 6 Lakh Per Annum. Selected students will receive a cash award of INR 50,000, and there are more than 300 seats available. Half the awardees will be women.

2. The ONGC Scholarship for Reserved Category Candidates: This scholarship awards INR 48,000 per year to candidates based on academic merit, with up to 2,000 awardees (50% of whom are in the SC/ST category, 25% OBC, and 25% Economically Weaker General Category candidates). 

3. Hakeem Abdul Hameed Scholarship: This is awarded to eligible students who maintain an aggregate academic performance above 50% during their degree, and assists students with a percentage of the tuition fee payable for their MBA course at JMI.

4. Post Matric Scholarship for SC students: This is awarded by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. The value of the scholarship is among the highest available at JMI, including full tuition fee reimbursement in addition to a monthly allowance of INR 1,200 for students living in the hostel.

5. Human Welfare Foundation: These scholarships are available to students from minority communities who have an undergraduate aggregate above 55%. After successfully passing the interview round, students will be awarded the scholarship, and the amount is refundable after the candidate is gainfully employed, post the completion of the degree.

Preparation & FAQs

For the Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Examination, MBA aspirants should follow the same steps as to prepare for other aptitude tests like the CAT, with sufficient time devoted to classroom preparation and question practice. It is important to attempt multiple mock tests before the date of the examination, to make sure that the candidate achieves the required accuracy within the time limit.

The GD and PI rounds test the candidate’s composure, general knowledge, and communication skills; preparation involves a detailed scan of the student’s CV, and listing down a few points to speak about each section. Practice sessions are also very useful while preparing for the Group Discussion round; most successful applicants have a group of friends with whom they organize mock GDs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the main advantages of studying MBA in Jamia Millia Islamia?

The list of recruiters from the MBA program at JMI, New Delhi, contains many of the top corporates and startups in India, from ITC to Zomato, and Axis Bank to Swiggy. Students of all MBA specializations can apply to the top companies in their field of interest. Therefore, it is one of the best MBA colleges in India.

Q. What is the exam pattern and syllabus of the Jamia Millia Islamia entrance test for MBA applicants?

The exam pattern and syllabus for the MBA entrance test for JMI aspirants are similar to those of other similar tests e.g. CAT, CMAT, XAT. Candidates must ensure that they are well versed with quantitative problems, English verbal reasoning, data interpretation, and logical reasoning.

Q. What is the student life like at Jamia Millia Islamia for MBA students?

The Faculty of Management Studies, JMI, has five active student clubs, each dedicated to one of the major specializations of the Department: Synapse (Human Resources Club), Synopsis (Finance Club), NiCheMania (Marketing Club), Impresario (Drama and Cultural Club), and Ecumenical (International Club). They organize regular events, ensuring a dynamic student life.

Q. Can students obtain scholarships to study MBA at Jamia Millia Islamia?

More than 20 scholarships are available to MBA students of JMI based on both merit and need. Students can choose to opt for education loans or apply for non-refundable scholarships.

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