Biotechnology Career Options: Courses Eligibility, Admission Process, Job Opportunities And Scope in BSc, MSc Biotech

Biotechnology Career Options: Courses Eligibility, Admission Process, Job Opportunities And Scope in BSc, MSc Biotech

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a science-based field, based on the biology subject. As per biotechnology, every form of life is based on DNA. This subject has endless advantages in different areas. Take an example of the medical field, via biotechnology one, which can select the minerals and vitamins in order to boost the immunity level and the nutritional value of the plant. Imagine, you are living a life where every food that we have is filled with minerals and vitamins, that life will be a better life to live, Right? So here comes the role of biotechnology, it teaches us which food is healthier for us so that we can do improvisation in our life and take us to a healthier world.

Courses in Biotechnology

Want to build your career in Biotechnology? There are two courses, which you can opt for as per your specialization, one is a B.Tech degree in Biotechnology and another one is a B.Sc degree in Biotechnology.


Focus on

B.Tech in Biotechnology It encompasses both the aspect of Biotechnology, Engineering as well as Biological Sciences. The subjects are Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, etc. Engineering subjects are BioChemical Eng, Mass Transfer, BioProcess Eng, etc.
B.Sc in BioTechnology This degree focuses more on Biotechnology. In this degree, students will learn about industrial processes and Research and development in the Biotechnology areas such as Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, etc.

Eligibility Procedure for the candidates:

  • Those aspirants, who are aspiring to choose Biotechnology as their degree course will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • At least the candidates have obtained a minimum 50% score at both secondary and senior secondary levels ( 10th and 12th). For SC/ST, 45 % is mandatory.
  • Candidates’ main subject in senior secondary must be PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) with a minimum of 60% in all three subjects.

Admission Process:

Are you dreaming to get admission in Biotechnology? The eligible candidates have to qualify for the entrance test, which is organized at any national, state, or institute level. Below is a list of some renowned entrance examinations for admission in a Biotechnology course:

  • JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) combined Biotechnology Entrance Test
  • AIIMS Biotechnology Entrance Test
  • DU (University of Delhi) Biotechnology Entrance Test

Check out the list of the labs and institution, where you can do further studies: Institutes/Universities

  • TIFR
  • IISc
  • JNU
  • IITs
  • DU
  • IISERs

Research Institutions are as follows:

  • CCMB
  • NCL
  • CSIR
  • NCCS

Check out the tabulated highlights for the course:

Course Level


Duration of the course 3 years
Eligibility for the course 10 and 12th from a well-recognized board
Admission Process Entrance examination along with counselling
Examination type Semester-wise
Course fee In between 2-3 Lacs
Starting salary of the student INR 3 Lac to 8 Lacs
Top Recruiting fields for Biotechnology Government Hospitals. Bio Industry, Research labs, Medical content writing.

Scope of Biotechnology

B.Tech aspirants contemplating on selecting Carrer in the field of Biotechnology must know in advance that this field is still developing in India and therefore there are fewer job opportunities and pay packages as compared to IT or Management sectors, but soon you will going to notice a boom in this field. Once you have got the B’Tech degree, you can find job opportunities in research labs, Academic institutions, or pharmaceutical companies. Some of the talented minds can pursue MBA to enter into the corporate sector. You have the tendency to shine in Finance, Business, and Banking sectors as you have an engineering background. Students have a golden chance to shift to the IT sector during their on-campus placement. Students, Biotechnology is a vast field, so you must go for higher studies in the same field or find out better job opportunities.

B.Sc students, it is mandatory for you to do M.Sc after graduating, as it will nourish your skills in Biotechnology. It is highly recommended to go for a master’s as your subject is research-based, it needs specialization. An M.Sc holder can get a better placement as a research assistant. And it is necessary for the students to do Biotechnology course from reputed institute or college in order to acquire good placement or job in big brands. Ph.D. opens up better avenues both nationally and internationally, so you can go for ph.D in Biotechnology or related fields. A ph.D degree will flourish your career growth and you can start up your own research lab and even can become a professor or a team leader. So, if you are craving to set your career in the Biotechnology field, Ph.D. is the best bet for you to go with. Ph.D. in Biotechnology will give you magic-wand to improve the quality of people’s lives via your quality research.

So, you must be aware that still Biotechnology is in its nascent stage, especially in India, many aspirants are unfortunately getting disillusioned because of fewer opportunities. But as per the statistics of the last decade, this area is booming as the Indian government is taking initiatives by setting reputation research institutes that conduct research on Stem cells, genetics, Bio Medica, Cancer Biology, etc.

List of the companies where you can join as a research assistant:

  • Cipla
  • Biocon
  • Glaxosmithkline
  • Cadila Healthcare
  • Reliance Life Sciences
  • Dr. Reddy’s Lab

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