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Pineapple Chart – An Innovative Technique for Educators!

Pineapple Chart – An Innovative Technique for Educators!

After Pandemic! Professionals are teaching and learning new lessons via the online world! It shows, even a pandemic can’t stop teachers from sharing their knowledge. So this article is all about the latest innovation, known as pineapple chart. If you want to know about this trending word, stay connected with us.

What is Pineapple Chart?

Even teachers need to be updated with the time! It can be possible when they have a brainstorming session with their colleagues. via, Pineapple chart, teachers are inviting their colleagues to a virtual room. Where they can come to observe lessons and can collaborate.

The education world has transformed!

Our Education world has been drastically hit by Covid last year. Isn’t it? And, still, the Education profession is facing challenges! But thankfully, due to the ever-changing world of technology, educators are meeting regularly. Now, the professional learning experience has changed into web conferences, Zoom meetings, and virtual workshops.

It is all great! but, according to Elena Aguilar’s notes, the teaching profession is similar to the medical field! Where learning is a must! Synchronous observations have opened the door for professionals, educators to meet their colleagues and learn new skills. By collaborating with fellow mates, can spark new ideas of teaching.

Now, how can you meet your Colleagues?

Welcome your Colleagues into an innovative classroom!

Do you know about a pineapple chart? It is known for being the symbol of welcoming and hospitality in Colonial America when pineapples were rarely found. A pineapple chart is a system, which works on a symbol, that teachers must invite their fellow mates into a virtual classroom. Where they can observe each other and glean new information and, utilize their time.

The pineapple chart will be displayed based on your common area – you can pick a day and time and allow other professionals to join it. It may take place during school time or via PLC ( professional learning community) time. It will be done if you are volunteering your efforts. This virtual meet will embrace the idea of learning and will become your natural habitat.

Due to covid-19, sharing an enclosed space is next to impossible! But Digital Pineapple charge will fill that gap.

Let’s check out the importance of the Pineapple chart:

No Restrictions, Easy Access!

The job-embedded and customized pineapple chart is assisting teachers. Via this chart, teachers learn new practices inside the virtual classroom. This chart enhances the collaboration with fellow employees. During pandemics, educators were not getting learning sessions. But now teachers are craving to get professional learning and, they are getting it via pineapple charts.

When pineapple charts are digitalized. The Educators got access to a database full of learning and can easily observe. What if, before your class, you can watch your fellow teacher video and can adapt their management techniques or math strategies? What if you get all the lessons in one single digital document? A digital pineapple chart is made to eliminate all the hurdles and will let you participate in an informal meet.

Eliminate Scheduling conflicts to boost up growth.

What is the most complicated part for educators? To travel to different campuses for observation! Right? Even you have planned things still the travel time will eat up your precious hours. Why don’t you spend those hours pineappling? Yes, there is a high probability that your planned time will be spent on scheduled lessons.

Creating a digital pineapple chart is only possible if teachers are coming ahead with a growth mindset. Teachers will improve their craft and affirm their fellow mates with their strategies. This could build a collaborative culture. This tool is developed for educators learning and developing their skills via collaborative implementation and feedback.

What are the keys components to implementation?

If you want to make a digital pineapple chart successful, implement below steps:

  1. Yes, it is a voluntary endeavor
  2. The chart can be accessible by all the participants
  3. Yes, it is known as called to action, where others get inspired by fellow mates and join for fun.

Once you know How pineapple charts work does, invite your fellow employees to sign up on the document. Some will agree to take the observation, some will download the sessions via Youtube, some will upload the classes, and then link the videos to their name in the chart. Once those videos are there on your chart, click the links and easily watch the videos. Vis PLC sessions, teachers, work in a group and, create a plan. This collaborative culture will strengthen with time!

So, at the end of the article, we will say that – A digital pineapple chart is a way by which you can customize your professional growth and learn from others.

Pandemic can’t stop you to learn! Keeping learning and Keep growing!

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